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what could be better for both 
We're short of time
We've gave up our swards

We turn around, glances are down
Give up your honor, it's a countdown 
They are doing a sward dance  Let me see the blood  이방인은 차단하겠다  I am the soul of mad blood  Do not expect mercy  모든 희망 짓밟아버려  Perfect destruction
Daawik baadou koul shit
I swear a god ou halef be l'anglais
Berisankoum njongler
Sward berk ou ghir el concret
Nsitkoum complet
and might
Tormented souls awake
Creatures of the darkest night
As damnation reach the sky

Beneath a veil of sward
Embracing land of light
disposed in majestic ease on the sward 
saw, last of all
the magnificent hooves

All this he saw
for one moment breathless and intense 
vivid on the morning
speed, and rejoice

On the sward at the cliff-top
Lie strewn the white flocks
On the cliff-side the pigeons
Roost deep in the rocks

In the moonlight
nheeb barsha sward
Je connais l'amour je sais ce que c'est l'abandon
Ly yemshy ma yarja3sh bely nkounou hbeb
Je fume je pense à mon daron
bole sab offline kyu shaant khade
Shaant khade kyunki apne ki naa jaan jaari
Shaant khade kyunki apno ki jaan pyaari
Shaant khade kyunki sab par hi sward
feel swards and arrows
And i don't need to get damn drunk to feel this shit again 
And i don't need to get damn drunk to feel this shit again 
To feel
down at god's children but don't dare to fall

But still pharaoh came with his many many men
With their shields and their swards and their anger
a hundred years
She's sure to roam a hundred more
Unless a lovely hamlet with a heart of fire 
Slits her slimy throat with a silver sward

A tall task. I'm
And they said to me
One and a 2 two too check

The pen is mightier then the sward
But you can erase the pencil
This so I'm waiting for the chord from
I saw red so murky I’m a terrorist battle raw fierce in the shadow war rattle swards your pierced as the arrows sore ninja I got the bomb so fuck all
by Joe Vasconcelos
(TURN YOUR HOPE by Joe Vasconcelos, Jeff Sward, Danny Luis)
Tenha fé
Volte seu olhar
Há esperança
Cristo vivo está
of polution
God damn delusion

I won't be the chip on the board
My truth is my sward
No one can controll what I love
I give you my word

Don't believe things
and the swards
And I'd love to believe 'em
But I know they're just words
As my baby lost her laughter in the fog of white noise
Couldn't see how she suffers
I just
of your thoughts
Like a soldier surrounded by swards 
It's yourself who needs to be defeated
To leave a sign you must leave behind 
Those heavy stones
Come, follow me.
And me. And me.

And green-sward all your way shall be
No goblin or elf shall dare to offend ye

We brethren of air
You heroes will
man at all!
Wherefore bereave
Be it lord or beggar
The kine of the sward?
Bereaveth my dignity!
Wherefore holdest thou for
Me such a quality
From dusk till dawn, the poison siren sings her song
Rage bleeds through her skin, walls of patience caving in
Cowards caged by sward, still

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