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Bitch don’t kill my vibe, bitch don’t kill my flow
Bitch don’t kill my energy my swanky kinda tone
Bitch don’t kill my vibe bitch don’t kill my flow
smoke in the wind and dump the guts in the tray
Swanky slow when I ride everyday when I ball
Been official with mine, I ain't fuckin' with y'all
Throwin shade ya ah 
Im okay name Swanky Says ya Ah 
Everyday sippin lean purple rain
Ya ah 
Gimme pain yeah Gimme Sprite Ya ah Gimme candy styrofoam 
this ain’t funny
With the gun it ain’t funny
Hol up swanky
You ain’t got no gun swanky
Hol up swanky
I’m like step back
Fuck back
You all reek of 50
Dank roll im a marley swanky 
Nami hamba ngeze sweety lovie 
Aint no spani had to make some Money put out Dunky like me 
Twitter shawty Hefty baller Army
Listen up close
My niggas swanky like we from the coast
These niggas starving they come for your throat
Air out your thoughts
We do not speak
swanky (nothin' swanky)
I got the funk (I got the funk)
I'm a, I'm a, I'm a, I'm a
I'm a swamp yankee
Oh, nothin' but a swamp yankee
Yes I am, now
knock you down! Oh yeah!! (Ah, ah, ah, so swanky! My life)
見てて! Gimme gimme dance で knock you down! Oh yeah!!

old ones
And better than your new ones

Tell a hater, "Do one"
I am such a nuisance
MOBOS with a swanky suit and some sparkly Louboutin
At e'en in the gloamin', nae swankies are roamin',
 'Mang stacks wi' the lasses at bogle to play.
 But ilk maid sits drearie, lamentin' her dearie,
with the Tesla boys
Baby Benjamin Franklin, watch me veg
DJ Tanner, swanky pumps, moped music
Costco samples like a motherfucker
Uh, crank up
born to do

Those swanky big brick houses don't amuse me
I live in a trailer but I drive a Cadillac
I ain't never tried to impress nobody
With my "Honk
"That's a nice suit"
"That's a swanky suit"
"Been a pope like no other"
"I'm looking for a good cowboy"
"A rare outcry makes you lead a larger life"
three tiers
And the punch bowl flowed with Falstaff Beer

Now that's about as swanky as this town gets
For they throw rice, heck, they threw grits
and this is swanky rap
Michael Sembello this Chiddy fellow's a maniac
Them haters try to locate whatever plane he's at
Droppin' anvils on him it's Animaniacs
we get blocked in
So give our regards to the Paul and the Lynnes
And the swankys and the chatters and the Tequila twins
Sorry Attilla's brides
take more
As I live and breathe I'll play your stupid reindeer games no more 

A grimy taste jeopardized the swanky banquet 
And laid to waste all your
Grammy and Papa
My family is proper and so-so with drama
I'm lustrous and swanky, the artichokes thank me
Beats bless me like hankies, artist choke
I am doing you a favor but you'll never thank me
The only wars I'll fight are in my own mind
Because psychosis and enlightenment stand side by side
Bandicoot in an abandoned suit
N' I'm Hella Swanky, nigga you cant touch me
Polo hat with the shirt to follow that
Niggas know Han Solos back
Nik Nak then you
do in my life you can blame me (Blame me)
I been the man since a baby, knew even more when I slid to Mulaney (HALL)
They gonna tell me I’m swanky, I
She can choose whether its 
Leather or fur ya

Animate Elevate Name any 
Better than Swanky Says heavy Weight rec break 
Fuck fame im great you lame two
Swanky smile finds crooked teeth
Muddy habits, man, keep it clean
Immerse the past in gasoline
Flames so high they can be seen
The pieces
put it on - put it on

the latest fad may be
the latest wrinkle may be

into being snazzy  
elegance - you are 
out to be swanky 

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