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The sound of silent voices surveying my thoughts
Regularity defining perfection 
Neither sorrow nor contentment
Whispering emptiness, frail words
this story told
'Bout a half a million time

Eight feet wide
Burnin' a path half it's size
Gone without a trace
Surveying all mankind
surveying at the table and looking for the sucker
Oh by the way sir, what is your name?

Lady Luck rides a Stallion tonight
Lady Luck rides a Stallion
on her fingers, surveying the road map
(My little panchen lama)

Seems to be the only one around
(My little panchen lama)
That sees the red lights
So much promise with so much pain
Surveying eyes overloaded again
No signs to follow and the road is dark

16 miles out of Denver was slow
The hydraulic wheel
The ultimate greed
Now, hidden from view
Surveying stable shifts
A feeble groove
Unintentional split
Then they return
of vision starts to wake

Surveying the past I see my life unfold before me
But what of this vision that was given to me
Material passions seemed to rule
the ghetto that keeps 'em in / But they don't have a chance, its the same circumstance in the end / He passes the years from atop his John Deere / Surveying
Your words grow cold and incoherent
And I'm searching for a fever
That could lift me to the border of dementia
My eyes are tired from surveying
From the onus he called dad
He'd let the army teach him a trade
Surveying was his bag
Sergeant goat lips was an evil man
Cause his wife was
And finally I'll sleep, I'll sleep through the night.
Bored as fuck with this street corner-cover.

Study of a face in a figure. surveying this
Making love til dawn

Yo, it's time to bring the day in, fresh out the crib sauteing
Around the way-in, swerve on, surveying
That's when I saw her,
but i still got a throng of thonged girls inside
so i invite the officer in, the look on his face
like a kid in the candy shop, surveying the place
I'm out on the range, surveying the land 
Thinking of the job that's to be done 
My life is hard but I don't mind 
Men like me, that's how
mistaking your house burning down for the dawn

If I was of the greatest generation I'd be pissed
Surveying the world that I built slipping back into this
and it was lonely at night
Getting drinks with friends, sipping vodka Sprites
Surveying the club seeing what you like
But, you don't need that nigga's
don't have to cut my hair or do math ever again if I don't want to
Tell the bounty collectors to kiss my ass
I'm a hunter gatherer surveying the junk
tack-fully surveying the stage to see who's wack
Where you at and to the ones that grab the mics at shows house partys or by themselves (goahead get your flow
Better believe us or leave us
Grabbin' your bitches' cleavage like, oo-ah
I went from surveying to Super Saiyan slayin' the man
Bitches want an autograph,
Because on this Eastside niggas move fast
I spend to many years on the street surveying
Struggle and striving on the Sunday ground conniving
A mirror face to face, surveying my landscape
All the while I be singing this space

You gotta readjust the means
I'll tell you what I mean
surveying the floor of his distorted sea
He remembers high-school friends joking about the war
Never knew what mom was crying for (Never knew what mom was

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