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Surpassing everything
Time catches all of us
Surpassing everything
Time catches all of us
Surpassing everything
Time catches all of us
count I rubbish that's the cost
For the sake of knowing You

Compared to the surpassing greatness 
Of knowing Jesus my Lord
Compared to the surpassing
Your favorite rapper asking what's happening
I'm surpassing them then I look back and I laugh at them
I don't need no ice up on me
All these actors
so so much
Hated with all his strength

The tumbler stayed standing up
All of his life he flinched not

Surpassing of the art
Surpassing cinema
on a fucken revenge
Finna finance on some big tings
I don't comply with no fake face
Poer les drink it out bang bang
Surpassing and blockin yo gang gang
The days are passing
Surpassing all prediction
Now I can't even remember when this all began
But now I see it
The ray of light that shines ahead
And now I
faith undeniable, peace surpassing
God changed my life
A new version of me

Took a look in the mirror wasn’t satisfied
Didn’t have God’s glory on my life
Y’all smoking on OG ain’t smoking no Gas
Finenesed a nigga and gave em sum grass
Opp niggas mad yung niggas surpassing them
We passing them we passing
Give it all to you
Peace surpassing here and now
Fill us up as we pour out 
All to you 
All to you 
All to you 

Father you
Make me new
You're not
beyond description, You're my one addiction
You are unfathomable, You are unexplainable
You are surpassing imagination, You're my one obsession You are
Dauntless burning the bridge clapping at its collapse
Trapped in the satisfaction of cracking the mask surpassing anything I've had

Life is
tryna keep it a stack
I be I surpassing the max So I ain't got no time to relax
I promise I won't fall for you trap. So ima gonna make clap

Im up off
and see
Is this really destiny

(We're spellbound by fate)
To this destiny
(We are meant to be)
Our love burns eternally
(In time-surpassing fate)
Trust yourself yea you gotta take chances
Time flies by like way too fast
People disappear letting go of the past
Picking up pieces
Cause my heart
serious like gun rounds
I'm shelling these 3 pounds out of my trunk you know how it go 
Surviving the slumps surpassing the muck 
Ran outta this luck 
selling my soul and my conscious 
Matter fact I'm surpassing my standards 
If my method don't drop, all the kids at the block bruh
What's the method
Surpassing your comprehension
No fake shit I learned my lesson
Now at the top shit be hitten so different
A friend? Huh? Nah Thats a politician
push it when you want it 500
(Five hunnit)
If you not my speed can't go after you
I'm surpassing you ( I'm surpassing you)
Can't forget bout my brothers
surpassing greatness!

Praise him with the sound of trumpets
Praise him with the harps and lyres

Everything that has breath Praise the Lord 

Praise the Lord!
Our hope
On our sins
In black smoke
Promises we heard
Clay holding treasure
Power surpassing
Affliction in moments
Glory eternal
Never did I think I would witness
Our creations becoming creators themselves
Mortal construct, surpassing all limitations
No less divine than its
Surpassing my desire
And I dismiss another chance to burn into their fire

And I'll reveal my deepest thoughts against all odds, against all odds
And I will
the cash
Baby girl know she a baddie
Got that tat up on her ass
I’m surpassing all the limits
Slow it down then do it fast
I know shawty on my body
Cause she
won't notice imagine 
I was aiming at goal, They blocking my ball
These niggaz are savage
Now i'm surpassing their limits 
They will not forget it 

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