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By dune I'm going
Surface of dust covered ice scattering
Through the rainbow
Scorch and suggest
When lava pours out near the sea surface
Tremendous volcanic explosions sometimes occur
In time, sub-marine seamounts
Or islands, are formed
Standing on the surface
Taking on the malice
Aiming at the fracture

Moving on the surface
Looking for an access
It's revolving 

Who might know of this
The notes we left
Our final thoughts
And we knew they'd get ours out


Drowned by our country
Old machine,
On the surface everything seems right no one notices the dimness of the light
For the world outside our door our smiles are oh so bright
I wasn't walking on water
I was standing on a reef
When the tide came in
Swept beneath the surface
Lost without a trace
No hope at all
No hope
are best expressed by nature
Like the song of a sun
We split our roads in a race to power
Like we split the atom

Is it only love that you favor?
of the system
Accumulate collection like a
Hype show on the surface
On the surface
On the surface
On the surface
On the surface

Let it all bleed out
A terrible signal
Too weak to even recognize
A gentle collapsing
The removal of the insides

I'm touched by your pleas
I value these moments
Sharks don't attack the Irish,
It's mostly Australians.
There's nothing accomplished
By these splashing citizens.
From the Moon down
the moment breakin' out of boredom
Climbin' from the bottom comin' from the cauldron
Inner truth to the surface inner truth to the surface aah
With the path
Time has passed and things have changed
You've gone your way I've gone mine
On the surface it's all over but beneath the surface
You're still on my
too many years
A myth perseveres
The scars and the souvenirs

Defined by your skin
Forget we share kin
We're torn apart

It feels as though
camera away 
Someone take today as traffic passes by 
Never see me
Never see at all 
I don't need you 
Your lies they won't surface 
Your mind it
Who knows how long I've been lost in the dark.Followed.
Closely by the footsteps of my failures.
What can I do to alter my perception of the way
And without her it might as well be the surface of the moon 

From the well-swept streets of Jackson Heights to the dockside drudgery
of my life
Harvest all my love, harness all my power
To be perfect on the surface
The surface cracks and I
Harvest all my love, harness all my high
i don't know you
i can't trust you
feel inside me
scratch my surface
A terrible signal
Too weak to even recognize
A gentle collapsing
The removal of the insides

I'm touched by your pleas
I value these moments
Most people use money to measure success
The big car they're drivin' and the way that they dress
If there's someone who loves you you're richer by
The beginning passes by
in a twinkling
The sorrow has caught
hold of you
The doubt binds you down
It may be just the surface
It's only your force,
that makes you
Summer with the lights out 
Finds me in my parent's basement,
Watching bedroom movies. 
Pictures and holidays hang in the hall. 
Guided by
The night of your children's day
Beneath the surface sealed by the floors boarded up
Seal the lips of your voice with haste
And cower at the sounds as they
for so long 

Twisting and turning 
I'm going for the same direction turning 
Misguided by imagination turning 
Underneath surface I rest 
Look behind what lies on the surface
 rituals to read the signs signify the life I leave behind... behind, 
Lies set me free, release me, embrace

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