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She said she ain't got no feelings
Heart broken so she hides em
Just suppressing her feelings for survival
Just suppressing her feelings for survival
suppressing shit, No
Bitch I'm registered
Yeah yeah yeah
They ain't suppressing sht, no
Nah nah na na - nah
They ain't suppressing shit, No
Bitch I'm registered
I like to walk Like Dat
No too dey talk Like Dat
Suppressing my feelings i cannot go back
Smack on her ass when i fuck from the back
Hitting the spot
Suppressing the violent side
That ego can override

Suppressing the violent side
That ego can override

As a child, as a baby
As a phenom, as a meteorite
Suppressing guilt feelings
Glorifying thrill killings sensationalized
Mindless hate crimes handed down
Never ending prejudice
Stop pretending you
I'm not bipolar, I'm just iridescent
Swallow, "I love you's"
Like they're my depressants
Suppressing my emotions

I'll be sure not to kill your vibe
Suppressing they talents(Suppressing they talents)
Making a challenge(Making a challenge)
Out of they habits(Out of the habits)(Silly)
The shit really
I keep ignoring it 
Keep suppressing it 
But I see you on the timeline       

Way she's positioning 
She's  policing  me
She's cuffing my mind
You ever had depression
Sitting there supressing
All your emotions
So no ones stressing
Thought you were strong
But it's messing, with your head
Suppressing's too cliché
Deep down it never goes away
Undead in bubble baths
Rinsing repeating paths
Page-turning intention
Pulling into manifestation
the surface 
Than a name, address and serial number 

A grain of sand 
In a clenched hand 
You’re the vanishing man 
Spineless and damned 
That's not real
Oppressing us
Suppressing kills
They won't speak up
It's not their deal
If ima tell
Y'all the whole truth
Please watch my back
You're crying, denying, supressing your living
You justify all your lies just to make them believing
Your life never go with ease
I'm the only cure for
Suppressing my feelings like a silencer, yeah
You've been on my mind but our time is up, yeah (Time is up)
Imma dive in that pussy if you're
bring him here
Did someone we know die
Supreme in my ignorance
Suppressing every stale instance
Where pieces of your matter
Wavelike consume me in
a thurst 
Gave you what you need
Had a seed suppressing it with pills
Let him tell you why
He pursued you like Eve 
He saw in the car on his phone 
drugged up
And I'm flooded with shame
Suppressing the voices in my head again
Now I'm hating myself for what I've done
Realizing that was no fun, no
If only
super, super 
Juggin' and finessing, with my bros 
I be out here flexing, on these hoes 
My life's progressing, bitch you froze 
My power suppressing, soon
Malformed spirit 
An infestation 
Suppressing ways of communication 
Depression lingers 
Then the journey 
At wits end in a socialised hell
handle my problems I know that they won't condone
And I keep suppressing all the feelings I swore I would never show
All the lonely people
Need a way
and I'm not even trying

We had depression them niggas suppressing us
Look at me now they ain't disrespecting us
I done seen niggas that walked out my life
Extinguish apprehension
I call them all into depression
Suppressing my intentions
I hope we die
I'm praying for tomorrow
I hope we all know where we
and suppressing our evil
Not every hero wears a cape
Had your integrity that's all it takes
The good die young that's why you went away
I just hate that I never
Im suppressing the memories
But i dont wanna fight it
Cuz i want you
And every body know that its tru
The one im tryna convince just aint impressed but

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