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favorite Ferlinghetti
Found in Auntie Maim?

Your alter life is superseded
Only from above
Your heart is like a silken sponge
That calls saliva love
Believe me I understand, how you can feel so mistreated,
Had her once entertained, and now you're left superseded,
No one cares how intricate, how
full of pop stars

And I've been thinking lots about your mouth
A conversation superseded by the way he talks
I'd be an anchor but I'm scared you'd
How much do you want, how much do you want it
How much are you willing to spend
Superseded model bargain number special profit margin
How much were
care less, ha ha, but my double does
And he told me we're both superseded
So why not drop by, burst my bubble for me

So simple to be cynical
and cause superseded by profit and loss 
They’d have Marshall’s mustachiod face 
staring down from every public place 
if they taught honest history in
living day by day
My organic form
Is now superseded
I'm a brand new form of life

Free to feel electric dreams
Wasted body no more mine
Now I know
was needed
So I grab for some inner resource
Most certainly blind to the force
Letting the world takes its course
We've now superseded

Even though we rappin' now (yes)
We used to live on the strip even though
A nigga higher level trappin' now (oh!)
Superseded everyone of my little
of breathing
I'm expendable to you completed then superseded

I insist it ends
My circumstances, burned my chances
The answers want it that way
But I'm
pimpin', my game is premium like octane 
Can't tell we knowin' bout stackin' these bitches man 

I'm the king of the dirty, superseded in

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