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(Black [x13], everything is black)
(Black [x12], you can't see me)

So this light's out
Like a lighthouse
In the daytime
Make it lay down
Make it go
FROM THE 27TH FLOOR (Proverbs 13:4)
Click, click
Click, click
Click, click
DTP nigga!

I started with ten mack tens
And ten clips and ten pens
Got ten times richer in
would meet death and his soul would leave his body
And after having completed the 13 steps the condemned man was met by a giant cloaked figure
And with
I'm on my way down to Latin Quarter to find two 

more freaks... 

Kris: Word... 

[Super Sperm] 

Chorus: repeat 2X 

Scott LaRock had em all
But I'm a team player so I waits my turn
And when I get the rock I'm going straight to the hole
My average per game is pure black soul
In the 13
Keep, keep on your mean side (x4)
Get my name stitched on your lips so you won't get

Sit tight, getting by
Got a room, got my 10-5
Say it
go broke my name got to o's
F-A-be	-O-L-O-you-S

[Chorus: x 2]

[Verse 3: Trina]
Nice lips, nice thighs, nice hips
Pussy tighter then a pair
Yeah ah ha
You know what it is
Black and yellow, black and yellow
Black and yellow, black and yellow(2x)

Uh huh, you know what it is
the Black Zeus
King of the Super Duper (Hyphy x5)
And your wifey
She don't (Like me x5)
From the Bay to the A
Put me in the back wood
Swisha sweet buds
With the setting of the sun
Something wicked this way comes
Black on black
Got a wicked stride
Hounds of Hell are by his side

and Ganksta NIP
Gave me the tip on the niggas yappin' lip
Too Black hooked me, Lil' Jay booked me
Shakin 'em, breakin 'em, makin and takin 'em fakin' fuckin'
And life goes on

And life goes on (13x)

And on and on till the break of dawn
And on to the next day, ay yo, by the way
Did you know about
the love you hold, she does it hot but oh so cold. Puss-bone white, 
super tight, she's triple-X by candlelight. WEEDA- WEEDA- WADDA- HOODA- HOODA- HA,
just a love machine, she's just a love machine (2x)
Ohh riding around, in my black devil car
You know, I can't hear a sound, in my black devil car
There's the Reds and there's the Greens
Super slicks and has beens,
They're accompanied by three men dressed in black,
One's a whistle, two are
many black bodies the hospital housin' 
So at 10 P.M. I was Audi 5000
to fat
Ain't no bitch to whack
Ain't no bitch to ugly
For Super Balls, woowoo! (x2) 

I met a girl looked a lot like a turkey
So I fucked her and her neden

[Hook x2]
Tell me when to go [x4]
Go [Dumb x8]

I'm off that 18 purple juice
Like a man
Labeled the Black Zeus
King of the Super Duper

Black, I snack on the wack and wash it down with a fifth of Yak 

It's like that and that's the way it is 

You can ask his to stay out my
We got no rules in here
One by one, we're losing here
Reckless, stressed, and super weird
With heavy heads as souvenirs
We got no rules in here
his eyes
He kissed my burning lips
And then I realized


Super lovers
Clap your hands
Are you ready for the dance
Real life beauty
lady lips singin' like on soul train
The niggaz that's a problem is minimal margin
The Colonel, Capitan, Lieutenant, General Sergeant
Black, one man
the Black Zeus
King of the Super Duper (Hyphy x5)
And your wifey
She don't (Like me x5)
From the Bay to the A
Put me in the back wood
Swisha sweet buds
So here we go y'all
Little by little you know
We got the power
And the knowledge to move 'em
And still rock
A super song for the 'cause so