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Can not see my life going fast

Life in the slow lane
Vibing on the sunsetting sky
Sippin' on a mixture
Watching life just pass me by

one around just little fires flying
Floating just off the ground like I feel whenever I'm around you
Nature's dimmer slowly sunsetting the mood
circling sunsetting sentimental feelings breathing new life
We're lost at sea but I know there's no place that I'd rather be
or suggesting
The end goal is heaven, Jennah, yes and
Fast for Ramadan, sunrise to sun-setting
No fear for those foes called Islamaphobes
Border patrol closed
on a roof sunsetting over hill
So girl you can spill
All over my brain
Let me pick apart you thoughts
There's no reason to refrain
Why you wanna know my name
Now your gone I feel lost and alone
Magenta sunsetting sitting quiet on a bench
Remember scents
Cigarettes and sweat
Reflections of the water in your eyes
Sunsetting slowly feel the vibe
We should meetup before it's cold
Talk about stories never told 
And I
pledge my loyalty to the unknown and taking my time
So I will find inner peace in the colors of the sun-setting sky
You remain stupid just so you can
Promise when I beat em, imma find ya yea

I'm downing liquor to the droplets 
Savoring the sorrow as I look at the horizon
Sun-setting on my
binging 'cause I don't got no boo

Look, crazy time to be alive
Holding on to summertime
Holding on to what's mine
What's the time? timeline
i've seen us play out on tv screens
So i know how you leaving me
Sunsetting in
You good with excuses
Words feeling so useless

Something within you
But i've seen us play out on tv screens
So i know how you leaving me 
Sunsetting in
You good with excuses
Words feeling so useless

every option 
Always been a rolling stone now they say I'm poppin

Sunsetting on perspective each song with a message 
Wild thoughts running through my
those rolls singing?
Sounding so sincere?
Sunsetting the mood
Oh yes they are

Such a wonderful food
So much above par
So tasty and good
No nausea so far
i’m ready or not
i wanna wake up 
and know it’s us beginning
sunsetting again
it isn’t ever ending
at a table for two
there’s nobody but you
at the edge
not the same.
Strawberry taste such a waste.
Those useless things,
like sunsettings,
why don't they go away?
It's not the same.
A stranger's gaze leaves
tell She inching closer to me
We Closing distance on the beach
We Locking eyes
I hear the waves crashing 
Got the sand moving on my feet
Sunsetting now
you spend time
I'm sunsetting out
Where are you now?
Who calls me?
Who are, what are you now?
I'm divining now
When are you now?
I'm diving out

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