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increased by one
Change returns success
Going and coming without error
Action brings good fortune

The time is with the month of winter solstice
increased by one. 
Change returns success 
Going and coming without error. 
Action brings good fortune. 

The time is with the month of winter
of the road
We still keep coming through
And though it's sad and sorry
It's an English sunset
An English sunset

I feel the rhythm of the earth
In my
tomorrow love sweet by and by
For the child who is coming and for dreams that come true
Sing a song for each other for me and for you
Sing a song for all
there's a world waiting 
I'll take it all by storm 
And when the sunset finds me 
I'm coming home 

Taking islands in Africa 
Watch the slow boat hit
I'm heading back to the north country
With the cold wind in my eye
I'll be there by sunset
Before the first snow flies
Rustlin' leaves are
coming in with spray cans of paint 
I remember the sunsets and the plains of cement 
And the way the night just seemed to turn the color of orangeade
of Tupac Shakur's latest album, Better Dayz
This is yet another post-humorous release by Tupac
Which, raises the question
Where are these songs coming
of Tupac Shakur's latest album, Better Dayz
This is yet another post-humorous release by Tupac
Which, raises the question
Where are these songs coming
Coming through blasting with mad ammunition 

[Parrish Smith] 
Five-alarmer, microphone bomber, woman charmer 
Night in armor, penthouse view,
Days in motion
From the west coasts to the ocean
Mainline to the sunset
As we're sitting in the van
Heading out to mainland
Age is nothing but
was twenty one, just a son of a gun rollin' like a stone I was born to run
But I never met a girl like that had me turnin' round coming right back
Damon did
Doc, walk thin red lines to shell shock
Hair lock with fucking broads in nail shops
Hydro? got more bags than bellhops
Two thousand Benz
Being soothed by the sound of the Christchurch bells

As the hours turn, you can hear them
They'll be ringing time

John, he lives in this town,
sunset won't work for her anymore

Julie cries a lot but she tries to hide the tears
From the kids coming in from school
She's looking at a picture
you see my picture in a magazine

Or if you fall asleep by the bedroom TV

Well honey I'm just tryin' to make some sense
Outta' me

I left a lot
She was standing there in the ticket line
And it all started right then and there
Oh a sailor's sky made a perfect sunset
And that's a day I'll never
You know that I'm in love with you 
You know I always will be 
I'm haunted by the same dream 
Haunted by the melody 

Feels like a raincloud
The winter was coming
I could feel the chill setting in,
I reached out to your fire
But the amber glowed grown so dim

Coming in at night all the desert highways
Crackle with the static of a thousand little radios
Everyone talking, no-one listening
Well by now I
A lot of good advice
nobody‘s keeping for themselves
If you‘re playing by the rules
you‘ll be a trophy on a shelf
Give in to the ordinary run
and daughters
Owned by the nights
But they ain't all of that
Tainted cats freaks to roll
Cool in the packs
I'm in the basement mixing
Tripping off my lips
Wake up to the blue sky
Grab your shades
And let's go for a ride
Breakfast by the ocean
We'll do lunch at Sunset and Vine

Every day's
I'm OK yeah yeah 
Every minute, of every day

And in the shadows... In the darkness of the night...
A storm is coming, But we keep on holding our heads
'Cause always, ever, after and on
When you think the party's over look over your shoulder
I'm at your door, coming back for more
Dancing in

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