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I'm down for the rifle, tone the fo fo
Don't ever try to send a nigga home, no no
I know you wanna catch me at Sunoco
Show me that your loco put
the rightful tone of fo' fo'
Don't ever try to send a nigga home, no no
I know you want to catch me at Sunoco
Show me that you're loco, put holes in my photo
mistake me for Sunoco
Cuss to get loose, now you got the micro' Joe
Who talking about hope? Poquito dinero
Means I work hard, but got no money, and that
at Sunoco 
I'm better than rice and beans when I rock you ocho to ocho 
My music more underground than a kid at 300 XL 
Convertible, fuel-injected, that's
But fuck that laid top out on the boat
Heard you fucked around at Philippine and 1 OAK
My man seen you both at the Sunoco
Kissing and touching, lied
me, you're empty, so fill'er up! 
Is I'm talkin' coffee or cocoa, is you loco? 
Cash or credit for unleaded at Sunoco 
KMD and 3rd Bass is just ace
bang with the Wallace
Fit raw this nigga you ain't loco
You're buttocks big boy, your heart pumps Sunoco
Brownsville deep in my genes
I show you +bad
on Joppa Road, at the Sunoco 
If we drive by slow, with the top down low 
We'll heel and toe on Joppa Road 

How would you feel, if I took you away
the Chevron, Sunoco
The BP, I'm from the West, but I'm good Deep East (yeah)
The semi transform to a fully, Decepticon (boom)
Reach for my gold, I kill
the fucker, cause you know it's on
I'm gettin high off the indo
Meet me at nine in back of the Sunoco
I gotta pull a car, he jackin
And don't give a fuck if
of amphetimene
My terminology is panatomic like lobotomy
Crazy el loco, gas niggas like Sunoco
Flush em like Presto, Blast in your chest bone
I raise from
got it, now watch me prove it
Everybody knows so, but don't gas me like Sunoco
And you only got one life to live
Don't waste it like FourLoko
Hype me
like "damn Son" (daaaaaammnnn) 
Where did you find this? 
Man I got to grab some (yeeeaahhh) 
Make that second turn 
before Sunoco (okay) 
Don't mind me girl my aura's so trill
I'm on a magic journey no borders just trails
I'm speaking to your heart, so cordial and for real
And once

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