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Three grinding mice
Trying to make a life called three strikes
The rat got three to five, two got life
Those Three Blind Mice

cockroaches are standing by watching the fun
I hear three bluebells ringing in a steeple of heather & roses
I can hear them so clear as I glide by
Shine you light, shine your light on me
Shine you light, shine your light on me
Ya know I just couldn't make it by myself
I'm a little too blind
My blind mice

I am the lord with a plastic hand
Where are the slaves that I command
Where are the knights that were trembling at my words
Woke up this morning and the sun refused to shine
Looked everywhere tryin' to find that gal of mine
I just found an ice cold pilow layin' by me
the street it's time to eat
It's time to come on home
The sun is sinkin' low

Now I'm getting older still my memory holds on to you
Oh let the light shine
precise, had you blind like three mice
Me shise, must of had me mistaken for the wrong stick

That kids cut short, I'm the one with the long cord
All the clouds roll on
Roll on before you
Who can say anything
When the sun shines, it shines
I turn my face towards your face
Alone facing the sun
Come get your kool on, stars are made to shine

Stars are made to shine

I’m in the double G, three-piece tux
Screaming dressed to kill
Hope somebody
Nice Nice Nice 

Kick 'em in the grill Pete! 
Verse One: Pete Nice 
Gas, past tense, made facially 
3rd Bass'll express, KMD 
Three blind mice
(huuuh)get to my car and the gauge is on E, 
Get gas and I pay a dollar ninety-three 
Got stopped by the cops cause I was speeding 
Another day when the sun ain’t shining
Another night with the bottle I drown in
Still hoping, still waiting
Still breathing, by a thread still
of the slums
And I'm a shine, sh-sh-shine, shine, shine
Shine like the Sun, the world is mine
Each line of speech designed to transcend time
And reach,
Black stars shine on the ancient fortified town
The sun invisible or since long down?
Over the dismal landscape

Above Carcosa
No sound, only
The whole ten yards i see
Striding through the haze

Just let the sun
Shine on your face
Only the darkness blinds your way

Well how do you do private William Mcbride
Do you mind if I sit here down by your graveside?
I'll rest for awhile in the warm summer sun
I've been
set it

[Chorus x2]
1, 2, 3, to the 3, 2, 1 so hot with the tongue I can melt down the sun
Stack raps and tons 
I pack gats and guns
For tryna test Ap
the sun, still burning with the fire inside
Once alone again, silent stares for our last journey home

Shine glorious tonight, still blinded by
of our heads to tips of our toes
We're untouchable
Everyday the sun'll shine
Took this dream and made it mine
I'm gettin down one thing that I know
the silence stands

Shine glorious tonight, still blinded by the blackened sun
Save the last command, forever rising
So far beyond they come, still blinded
on flatbush avenue

some people say it once, we're gonna say it thrice
We're not the sons of brady or the three blind mice

and the mist a mist and fiercest
Thank God the Tiki bar is open
Thank God the Tiki torch still shines
Thank God the Tiki bar is open
Come on in and open up your mind
Still chased by the devil that I'm leavin' behind
And so I'm

Drivin' to Kalifornia
I'm drivin' to Kalifornia

Got a full tank of gas and I
The enemy is subtle
How be it we're deceived
When the truth is in our hearts
And we still don't believe

Shine your light Shine your light on me

Sister let
she didn't love me so she didn't breath
I took her to the place where the sun don't shine
Without you, there's no me, so I'm goin' out my fuckin' mind