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know you're black hearted
I smell your sulfurous smell
All of my things that I play with in daylight
You turn into monsters at night
My toys were
Piled up to the sky, what a sulfurous smell
Man, the ghouls on the beach, they were hotter than hell
(Yeah, yeah, yeah)

I popped the old man put
But time had it's rage
We're washed over stones
From babes into clones of the mean
The sea won't refuse this muddy river
Nor deny the sulfurous
the sulfurous stream

There was a fool in a dressing robe
Riding out the twilight hour
Lonely and cold in an empty home
Trying to assess his power

But now
The flash pan hunter sways with the wind
His rifle is the sound of the morning
Each sulfurous bullet way have it's own wit
Each cartridge comes
offends his icy heart

Hounds freeze in silence bewitched by the reptile spell
Sulfurous essence pervades 'round the grassy dell
Heorot awaits him like
don't try to hide

Sulfurous and burning, spitting out the sun 
The beginning of creation, of the golden one 
A window to the west, a blazing star
choking on that sulfurous smell
No, no, no

We all know what scriptures say
about the wicked come the Judgement Day
So, let 'em cruise down there in style
a gruesome pentagram
Perverted scripture and blasphemous prayers
Ringing forth into the sulfurous night.
Back in the town a mother cries out in grief
for rebirth
Or just a wish for death

The river of Sai inseminated
By Kafka's sulfurous and potent intention

A subtle but more penetrating
the blue flames above paint sulfurous shadow elegies to love. 
Copper from gold, the banding unfolds, the halo of hope goes from tender to cold.
A sulfurous stench  that captures the greed of life.
Like flesh unto the bone, and both unto the knife.
An ulcerous wench enraptured with the falling

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