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and Victoria they live in Central Park
The got the money from an uncle, eaten by a shark ???
It went so fast, it was his life
He takes cream and sugar in his
The horses ran away, broke the wagon all to hell
Sugar in the gourd and honey in the horn
I never been so happy since the day I was born.
Turkey in
got next man
You go over there in the corner, with Michael Raines
And take a couple of tokes of the pipes man
You know what I'm sayin'?

Point is
the buzzer beater up, all net, half court
The game winning shot, your name sayin', not
That same skinny thot you got, she be in and out
She never spit it
the weather like in Seattle?

[ Sir Mix-A-Lot ]
All my ex's, eat this one

(You can have her)

[ VERSE 1 ]
I used to have this girl, let's say her name was Mona
don't get fed up
My people rise, my people fight
My people do alright
My people walk with pride and
We're marchin' side by side and
My people laugh,
Love big titties, turned on by them C Cups
Did a show in Boston drinking lean out a tea cup
No party, I'm sorry
Ridin' round in the motorcycle, no
Warning warning warning.

I’m sucker free, sugar free
Dairy free until we’re free
Let you life with T, wanna kick with me
But that bitch ain’t
hooping in my all black Nikes
Flying kites and shooting dice, sneaking in the movies twice
Staying up and watching Cops, walking outside in Michael socks