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The walls are getting smaller and I am six feet beneath the earth. 
And I will be, oh I will be, lost. [Repeat x 3]
Will you join me in this dance, this dance of misery
Cradled in imposs... impossibility?
Swooning, I am swept away
Swept off my feet, with step by
Dreaming, forbidden anxiety

Pressure builds, suffocate
Smothered by a feeling unable to control it
Magnify amplify
When I stretch to the clouds
My feet are bigger than three lagoons
And I can roll like a magnificent beach ball,
Striving high!

Uh! Uh! Uh!
long ago that fase was mine
Houses get smaller we take different names
But some things in life stay the same

"Dance me! Dance me around till my feet
the dawn will break
As true paths are rarely unveiled by means of shadows cast
This is the only way for me to reach behind this facade

Dissonance, unstable
days to get it on, three days to get it off and three more days to die,
And I'm six feet down and I'm asking the good Lord up in heaven

Let me give it all to the very small things
That leaves me...powerless
I see my face from another time
From another day gone by (good-bye)
four walls that now suffocate me
But tonight, maybe tonight
All will be free

Release, unlock this prison door
It can't hold me anymore

lyrics by Carley COMA


I'll send my swollen dreams
Sunami thereafter
I'll clean the still and fragile plate clean
Noise never stops
Not all day
Work seven to three
Three to eleven
Eleven to seven

Shift work, tough work for the convenience store clerk
Two feet
And there he stands -a little boy,
No shoes on his feet and dirt in his hands.
Molding dreams from the clay of his fathers,
And fathers before him.
of shit
Matches from the bar
What reason should I stay?? I say
When I'm out on the street
I get light on my feet

Sometimes we suffocate &
With a brand new slinky dress
Well, I've gained three sizes since I've been in college
That would just serve to depress
But get me to an Agnier,
When I stretch to the clouds
My feet are bigger than three lagoons
And I can roll like a magnificent beach ball
Striving high!

Uh! Uh! Uh!

Tell me how these things traced with colors filled with black debris
And how these loyal, living Reich were nameless things swept out of sight
We´re singing

The grass is wet from dew
And me and you from wine too
Keeping our feet up
Keeping our feet up
We´re sleeping by the Fyris
coming down
Somehow I can't seem to find
The quiet inside my mind

Space in this room
Has turned on me
And all my fears have me cornered me
And suffocate the light in me
Throw the stones that kill the truth
Deception must be absolute
Rape the mind that will not die
Its sharpest throes
is real
(all of this is not by chance),
That's how I know that God is real

Earth, air, water, and fire [Repeat: x3]
That's how i know that God is
As a physical world creates a spiritual haze 

Blinded by distractions
Lost in matterless affairs
Reaching through the darkness
Trusting You will meet me
It’s war and we fighting for inches and millimetres
Try to stall the progress by killing off all the leaders
If we don’t give them martyrs no
I am Plug One
I'm 19 years young
I love peace
Well at least
I think we need some

I'm Q-Tip y'all
3 Feet produced by Prince Paul
This session
it three feet deep
And throwed the cold clay o'er her and tramped it with my feet

This world and one more then where do you reckon I'd be
If it
I was born in the desert, May
Seventeen in seventy-three
When the needle hit the groove
I commenced moving
I was chasing what's calling me

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