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Suffocate Me (Angelfish)

Suffocate! You're nothing 2 no one!
Suffocate! You're living a lie!
Suffocate! Now, you get nothing!

No one left to help your life!
Got no love! get no
didn't obey, he said he made this cash
CRACK from the gun, Eligh lays in ash
Smash, it hits the front page quick
Now business is conducted by this fool
I feel I suffocate


By and by I tighten the loop
Laid around my neck
Stretching that damn rope
Suffocate, you're nothing to no one
Suffocate, you're living a lie

Suffocate, now you get nothing
No one left to help for your life
Got no love, get no
Speaking in Tongues
Heard only by the Mad

Shrieking Insects Swarm over Me
Suffocate Me
Suffocate my Soul

Majnun I am Empty
on the teachings
Burn into the dirt
Suffocate all the preachings
Bury them in earth

All hail!
Black flame of satan
Black flame of satan

By candle light
All hail ye
Twisting path and rolling hills, imprisoned by thy selfish will, this wonderment suffocates me. Twisting path and rolling hills, I doubt virtues you
MURS, Scarub, Eligh

To do it right in life is just an angle breakin'
Make or break myself in the matter of moments under discretion
Twisting path and rolling hills, imprisoned by thy selfish will, this wonderment suffocates me. Twisting path and rolling hills, I doubt virtues you
before my eyes I realize I'm gonna choke to death

Asphyxia I cannot breathe someone please help me
I suffocate asphyxiate is this the end of me
The moon world, I've been dreaming.
My thought systems are about to burst. 

I won't suffocate without oxygen.
What a wonderful place.
I won't be held
These wounds have been revealed
Clawing through this wasteland
No emotion lives, suffocate on hope
Swallow your last rational thought
It tastes
Anguish And Source 
Of All My Joys And Sorrows 

Religion Domain Is All I See 
Suffocate The Scum With Mediocrity 
Lying And Changing Your Fate 
got a fucking reason
To suffocate when the breath leads to treason
Cut the ties
Collect what's mine
Burn everything and feed the fucking ground
Triple X, dvd's, I got a whole stack in
Was snapped out of my daydream by something that I seen
I left the tissue full of spunk on the floor by my jeans
[California marijuana]
[Smoke a lot ??????]

CHORUS X 2 [Eligh]
It's the chronic
I think I want a hit
Take a trip, a sip of bomb
Come along
It's just
were clean 
So I said smartly

I'm falling in love again 
I'm so in lust with you 
Pillow over head again 
I'll suffocate with you 
If you ask me
unite and become like one

Something comes creeping out
From the underworld domains
I'm touched by the devil
Or am I losing my mind
The voices
Take you with me

But I?m still breathing
So don?t put me on and lie again


Days have gone by
I?m dying inside
Is this, your
With the blood of millions on your hands the human race is led astray by demons
disguised as angels. The human race suffocates with prophecy that

Oh, to drown in your mind
I would, I know I would
To suffocate in your smoke
I'd choke on you if I could
Maybe I will

And if I'm rough
Your will to live faints away
Forfilled with darkness, seek the gates
Internal rot, consumed by worms

Suffocate in your own blood
When I have to die I want to strangle myself in your black hair
When I have to die I want to suffocate between your sweet breasts
When I have to die
The glory of a moment,
Like steam will evaporate.
Life's flame will suffocate.

The pages flip by the wind,
Every day turns into grey.
Through the ashes of hate
Cycles divine or cursed by mankind
Genetic disease a mental slavery
A chapter of pain

The immense darkness suffocates