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scratching my coffin lid
There is no right time to move now
Guns and ammo running
Feel myself succumbing
To your video game, your video game
I saw your blue
they hide

Jerked between the razor phalluses of politics
Murder reached the gated palaces of opulence
Succumbing to the bite of our cold toxic system
he won’t forgive
Friday the 13th, Jason is coming
So I grab a weapon and I start running
His victims gave up, they were succumbing
But not me,
days, succumbing to the shame and
I'm popping all these pills just to supress the pain
Realising I can never get you out of my brain

You, told me that
Succumbing to the pressures
Succumbing to the pressures
Succumbing to the pressures
I just want you forever
I said Love me too
Baby you said who
Baby I said
There is no end in sight 
I am succumbing to
Insanity rises 
In my mind

As my mental state 
Slowly fades away
I feel the ferocity
Of my new fate
a cage
And not meant to live that way
Suspicion and submission turns into the girl that got away

You can call it infatuation
Succumbing to a strong
Into the dead of night
Oh, what am I to do

If you ever need to talk
I'm in the ocean floating away, hey
Slowly succumbing to the shock
Puking blood as you gasp and squirm for air
Never seen such a fatal wound
Your vision rapidly begins to fade
Succumbing to your fatal demise
fluster in clusterfuck for crust in the maze

Unh, jerked between the razor phalluses of politics
Murder reached the gated palaces of opulence
As your presence seeps to me

Feels like succumbing to the potion
Feels like the toxin of devotion
Until it doesn't feel
Senses all suspended
Soaking in
Jump into your grave
Rest under the dirt
Your soul has been saved
Release all of the hurt
The good will be slain
Only evil works
but i don't  recognize it until i'm in the booth 
Call a dude phillip fry
Numbing succumbing to mental decline
Hating myself and i do not know why

creation barren and dead 
the modern life-form  
Breathing absolute demise  
Darkest Horror 
Human Form 
Stripped from all life 
Divine intervention in this decaying world
While a hip young dude stood passionately
Succumbing to the he-dog sound
Of the mystifying beat combo
from succumbing to all the shit that I'm fearing
Flashing lights... red and blue, not a good sign
Intermingled by ambulances and a few cries
Judging from
to the world

Serpent's eyes
Always watching you
Without a trace
The covenant of the snake
Succumbing unto your fate
They've been watching you
I might take my fucking last breath
Can't escape the voices in my head
Telling me i'm nothing but a mess
Feel myself succumbing to the Dread
Not okay
Feeling like I'm
Not okay
Okay, okay

I'm not succumbing to myself anymore
Keeping up a eunoia is
A motherfucking essential chore
I only
always searching
When searching I see
People succumbing to poverty
All I see is tragedy
Hope for a better life
I find is not easy
Time and time I
words I'm destroyed
My soul in pieces
And my body still ain't cold

The war is over now
Nothing to survive
I'm closing all the doors
The train was gone when I got on 
Living on borrowed time

Equations forming around
Succumbing to senses unknowing

Warp the way you sound your name
To grasp
feel alive again
But these thoughts never leave me alone
Succumbing to them on my way home

And anytime I go anywhere
Part of me hopes I'll crash

Get up, break open the cage
Stop succumbing and escape your fate
Stop living the life you hate

Leave behind all of your dreams
Can't hear them

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