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can come from all these kinds of things

Black rage is founded on blatant denial
Squeezed economics, subsistence survival
Deafening silence
got the Electrified Betas throwing an end-of-the-world cyber freak festival
Some funny subsistence for y'all to do, don't let it break you now
the Electrified Betas throwing an end-of-the-world cyber freak festival. Some funny subsistence for y'all to do. Don't let it break you now. Lookie here, we got
the beginning you´ll fear nothing 
As I climb beside you 
Time will be your master 
In this laborious part of human subsistence 

This part I control
the begging bowls
Owned to stunt your growth
Stunt your growth

Basic subsistence hinges around
This fundamental biology
Jaw-dropping concessions
It takes the pain away
It takes the pain away

Victimize, enable, beguile
A body count without a reprisal
But I won't fade away
No, I won't
In the beginning you'll fear nothing
As I climb beside you
Time will be your master in this laborious part of
Human subsistence
This part I control
to subsistence ...
it's eminent for me and who you are
Show me your hope to be strong
Through values and self esteem
Praxis is a concept for living and making your
Like an avalanche of fire
that blots out the sun
Obscuring the lines 
of death and subsistence
The sixth extinction
wipes us out with indifference
it's over
Live your life, compromise, the outcome is the same
What will we do?
What can we do?
It's detrimental to subsistence when you contemplate
no infected fellas in our favelas.

Second one is our poverty level,
We go for a walk from coffin to devil,
Our monthly subsistence rate
You spend

Blank mind by cold thoughts
Blind lights controlling acts
Insanity corrupting minds
Time arrived with death behind

It's not a match of subsistence
Cluttered thought processes and memories,
Weakness mechanism

Acute stress response instinct
Contemptuous glance, subsistence strategies

Taking pleasure from
they're enjoying it all 
(Cuz) the over-population means humanities fall


Commodification with no means for subsistence 
Grab what you can becomes
salacious and unchaste.
*This netherworld of carnality is my existence,
I don't walk alone, for this is my home,
And my subsistence.*
I silently drift through
for these words
My refrains is for you with your
Heeds and your hearts
My life is for you as from subsistence we'll part

And all your laughter, all
to spread hereditary violence
Evolution of the species in defiance
Never letting go

Subsistence veiled... Untruth
Turn the page
one's for you!?

Mark my words, oh, just a little more,
Sara said,
And subtly subsistence is suicide.
Exercise and malnutrition
Keep curves tight,
The roaring heights
Commerce is subsistence
Metropolitan electric minds
A future so bright
For the Greater Good
All Guilt all judgement
of an inconceivable potency

Swallowing the opposing matter
A debris nebula cast into a fading oblivion
The providence of a dominant subsistence 
together just to test each other's mettle
Or to justify subsistence or bolster our resistance to the idea that we should struggle
When we could just settle
Don't waste your time

Scraping subsistence from piled debris
His presence rubs against the grain
In shame avoids the hand of charity
whales are beached

Economies are growing subsistence life is dead
We can't sustain this growth and things are coming to a head
We gotta learn to climb
the path towards death
The subsistence of my flesh condemned to rot
Our souls become one
Our pain washed away
In a storm of renewed hope
I feel you inside my

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