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Submit (Pitchshifter) · Submit (Illdisposed)

Fed up with myself
Staying inside
Why bother getting up
Cold hard words

Meaningless words
On just how much a life is worth
I submit to live
With the absence of order existence is impossible
With the absence of chaos evolution is only a hallucination
Submit to the whims of your
Basic instincts, social life
Paradoxes side by side 
Don't submit to stupid rules
Be yourself and not a fool
Don't accept average habits
Paid to obey
Forced to be silent

Human garbage
To be destroyed

Submit to darkness
Forced to conform

Human garbage
To be destroyed
Evolution, kill the gene 
Biology is superficial 
Intelligence is artificial 
Somebody down there likes me
I admit I'm a misfit, you agree, I submit
The night's decayed, the wind is hot
I was born in the USA, I'm deformed by my DNA
Let us be wise and resigned
Let us be sweet and obedient
Let us be fit and guided
Let us be wise and let us submit

How sweet it is to obey
And changed my mind 

Made up my mind 
And changed it 
Absence is good 
Empty is reassuring 

Absence presence 
Submit to nothing 
I've made up my mind
repeated till I bled

A place in the world
An expression
No salt no fear
Caoutiously with you
On detention
I submit and you smile

repent or change.
Never submit or yield.
Never submit.

Trespassing holy ground,
reveal your secrets.
Unlock these private boundaries.
I'll grant
The emptiness nature wouldn't share with us

Disgusted by life
Release the blood and submit to freedom!
to bring light
The cycle continues
Blood shit and hair on the pillow
No relief
a message complete
Greed, self hatred tonite}
Save your insanity
You die for my needs

I have no idea.... submit your interpretations here
Juggling desire
Every hit gets harder when you're fighting without armor
I'm disheartened

Do I start over, rediscover?
Submit to the sweet surrender
These sunny days, colorful arrays
Trees blow with hues and grays
To be one who submits and prays
Into the heart of God I gaze these sunny days

Into Your hands I commit my spirit
Into Your heart I place mine
Into Your will I submit all I am
As I let go peace I find
And while
over you
Euthanasia can rise
Time told by the sun
Submit to leather menace
And turning of sands are done
Bury it in a nameless grave

Heavens die!
and moral decay. 
I am man. 
Submit & surrender unto Caesar what is his rightful due.
Complete oppression no catharsis in emphatic contempt for all
us far beyond.

Submit, your fooled existence must now cease.
Torment, ignorant fools deny it's presence.
Eternal, condemned to back pages
pleading, bloody, desire, calling, 
this meaning, the way is clear
the path ahead, they can't stop me
they can't stop the calling
submit my flesh
eject, I wanna submit, I wanna release, all the tension in my head
Slaughter of the nerves breeds violent thoughts
Sonic sounds serves you the peace
and moral decay
I am man
Submit & surrender unto Caesar what is his rightful due
Complete oppression no catharsis in emphatic contempt for all of life

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