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the feeling of subduction in my Broken Dreams. 

look at my seams, in my jeans the money bussing. I don’t tolerate snitches in my camp, it’s no discussion. But
And make it crumble in subduction
Blanket, blinded and fucked up
They fall to my seduction

I am the angel of darkness womb
Born from the ashes of all
A virtual realm
A new continent
The obsidian terrain
Vulcanized memories
Hardened inside
Floating castles
In the cloud kingdoms
Subductions undone
Hurting my reputation
Growing too old
Burning the house down

Tectonic subduction
Ingestion of poison
Carbon monoxide poison
the way that I can

Step into the dungeon with a dragon
Unleash your fantasy pure subduction
Corruption and this is your introduction
Want me to beat on it
This like sex ed and subduction tactics
A face mask like a condom they don't stop all viruses
Yet somehow the rates in the US surpassed China
But I'ma
volcanos are alive
On subduction do they thrive
The crust descends
And soon it blends
It's out or bust
Shooting through the crust
Magma's breaking through
The depression, subduction zone from hell!
There ain't no way to make you well!

She shoots for the stars
Stunning and brave
It's the learning that
Far from enlightened 
Transduction, at first you were reluctant to change your function      
Subduction of your will to resist, influx, lures euphoric
of the ozone layer
Tectonics beginning of subduction
Renew the crust of Earth that we all live on
Arrival of the Cambrian explosion
Accelerated diversification
shaking and devastation
The whole area
And subduction fault ruptures
Ubiquitous hysteria
Interplate collide
Subsoil turned inside out
External occupants are
And we pass through the gates of no return

The faith in others, a subduction to an inferior stasis
These ends will never meet the will to overcome
Silence, so strange, but yet familiar 
Illusions abducting me 
Delusions haunting me 

Inside my very mind 
Sweet subduction is
Beating you senseless, my way of subduction
It's the utter high to look at your rearranged face
Raping and beating you until sanity leaves your
Quoiqu'il arrive j'vais laisser du sang
Et si on se rencontre il y aura subduction
Tu dis que c'est pas du rap, que c'est pas durable
On est loin de ton

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