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Buckwheat and stymie's down with Rodney Allen rippey
While Tommy and Annica were beating up Pippy
Karate chops snap crackle pops
You do the hip thing
It goes over again
It goes inside my head
It goes over, and over, and over again
These are the words that old Stymie said

I wish Cotton was a monkey
you accept the proposes sign on my black check

First I see premonition then I see flashback
Payback stymie track like a wolf pack
First I see
Rascals and stymie to fly that hiney
Buy me keys, to my Benz and my Coupe

Like Jay and Run and D.M.C.'s, that's the name of my group
(now speed it up)
the truck and
Find another trick to lick dick to the tip
Down to the asshole, lips red like Tabasco
A little rascal
Call me Chubsy-Ubsy or stymie
Let me fuck
the 60's
But I'm a get paid from the 90's
Quick to play you Little Rascals out like Stymie
Kicking flavor, with my life saver techniques
He's like Stymie from Our Gang
Guitar twang, try me, and WHA DA DA DANG
I don't think you want to know
Even if you still do
And want me to, I'll
You always
stood by me like Spanky did Stymie and if anybody messes I'll
bust'em in the eye. And check that ass like Phil Esposito
the guido, U.P.S.
origami, playing you like Stymie
I'm feeling like an autograph, so many dream of signing me
Vocab extensive and glossy
Expose a flow so expensive it could
You always
stood by me like Spanky did Stymie and if anybody messes I'll
bust'em in the eye. And check that ass like Phil Esposito
the guido, U.P.S.
here now I
Gotta big up my iris
Be a gecko
I gotta stop all the stymie up and let go
I'm so sick of the times
They've been wrecking my eyes
I gotta fix
tryna get hyphy
Vibing to those buck beats like Stymie to your Buckwheat
A less credited progenitor getting better as sediment settles to the bottom
everybody was a homie 
Til' some try to stymie
Hinder progression 
If they could 
Kidnap me up and tie me
That time is done and over 
No longer been lookin
the Android phone
Cause I thought I lost my own
Lost my drip to a dude I don't even know

All these motherfuckers wanna try me
But they ain't even tryna stymie
Drunken Billy was a guest of Stymie that night
He and Sharkman was bangin' away
With a head fulla drugs an empty wallet and no place to go the next
plunge into joys
Inhale the notes
This is our air 
Stymie you voices
You yell under prayer

Idol' fate
No time to wate

Idol' fate
No time to wate
at? Will they really come find me
Slimy, acting so fake they miming
Stymie, can't get away or blind me
Thymy, leaves to season my life tree (sheesh)
of stymie and stressed
That bar is too sibilent but fuck it I can De-Ess
Far better than I deescalate
Thoughts arising like bread
I'm rye when I pop
as fiends, they want to stymie our dreams
Less concerned with lives than how they want to market vaccines
Ain't worried about Levi's, when I'm talking about
and the rhyming's, an attempt to, just stymie
The steady advance of this tellurian invention
Despond, hovering, over holiday
Like a marshy pond's will-o'-the-wisp
they stymie pickets
Buyin' off forgiveness is a cost of doing business
Pain. Irrelevant
Nothing but a settlement
Jeffrey fears the unions more than
wrought is testament to channeling fixations
Since a young man
Fought to stymie
All of the roots of lust and fear
Figuring out that apathy can be a slew
they've defaced our murals and buried the lower caste in debt.

perfidious politicians manipulate with no regard for life.
and stymie the competition, their
Left niggas heads sticking up like stymie
Why me, cause I'm student of the art form
Fan first, lyrics buttery like the popcorn
And I stay on my street

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