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That you said it for no reason
But you seeming like you tryna get asked

Did I? Did I?
Hurt your feelings when I stunted like that
Hurt your
Yeah bitch, bitch, bitch
Lil Boat, bitch, bitch, bitch
Yeah you, yeah you, yeah you

Stunt or get stunted on
Young nigga never got fronted
I've been getting stunted, know she fucking with a boss
Tell me who she fucking but she fucking with a star
Say I got the sauce
Baby what you
bitch, buy her shit
Get her a purse and she
Credit low, broke again
But its worth it
Stunted the hardest, now I'm a target
They ain't gone murk me

of lies
And now that I'm older, I can see why

You made me feel high
'Cause you had me so low, low, low
You only seemed tall
'Cause you stunted my
the fray

Bury our rivals
Shotguns, knives, rifles

A family of the unwanted
Beaten, stunted, dysfunction
A brotherhood that is of violence
And to tyrants,
got me facin' stunted growth

These thoughts, they don't come and go
It's constant the thunder rolls
Caught in the undertow
Distraught with this stunted
Hittin' my bitch quick
Come from the far side to give me fat lip
I'm shit...

If we're being real, emotionally, I'm stunted
Maybe loneliness is all I

Scrollin' in the dark

Our love is stunted
Our love is something
Our love is speculation
Our love is stunted
You were perfect
I was
It's Colo
Look I just stunted again
And ima hop in this Benz
We don't do new friends
Everybody's lame
Out here switching lanes
Shooting for the stars
stunted by the way you back and forth from places
Probably sound crazy but I cycle through a hundred faces
So I got it
I'm feeling isolated
Inundated by
never fronted
So room for, paid every penny then I stunted
Stunted so hard you woulda thought I was a stuntman
TS4 with 23's I'm talking jumpmans
Sometimes I wonder why I quell when I'm not required to.

I've tried to be small
I've tried to be stunted
I've tried roadblocks and all
My happy endings
They told me I wouldn’t be shit, and I believed it dawg
I put my pain in this pen and I’m a leave it all
My niggas stunted my growth I had
When I walk in, I'm stunted
Bad bih like rihanna
If he want smoke, I want it
She want sex, I'm on it
I gotta go!
Gotta hit the road!
I gotta go!
When I had nothing
You saw something in me
Nothing nothing nothing
You gave me something to eat
When I had no money
You never stunted on me
Yeah I'm way too high
Fucking up my head feel like I can fly
Won't forget when I was that weird guy
If I don't slow down I might die
Went and stunted
catch me in the spot getting crazy blunted
And if you talkin shit then you must be stunted
cause when I'm in ya town you can feel me comin

Already, already, done it all with my team already
Already, already, she told me I’m lookin clean, already
Already, already, you stunted once but you

Doors off the coupe
I did it
Busted down ma wrist
I did it
Ice on ma neck 
I did it
Stunted on my ex

I did it
to the brain
My progress no longer stunted my shit has been blunted
My shit has been blunted progress is no longer stunted
No longer stunted

This conditions
that my answer's no
See what I'm thinking is you never never never know
See how I'm stunted now I know I ain't ever gonna grow
So what I'm thinking is
la laaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa)

She`s alone again

Stunted by our early growth,

We`re stunted you and I, Stunted we are both

Drum / Clap break
confronted by
 Continuing the course
 Will you open up
 Or do I have to force
 The words right out
 Of your stubborn mouth?
 Stunted of course,

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