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It's on my mind, baby, it's always
Trouble, trouble, trouble
Trouble, trouble, trouble
And all my light lately, call on me to
flashes by
Coming from the heavens like a falling star
That you wish upon
Isn't it a struggle
To find a good friend?
Isn't it a struggle
To have
bear our the battle
If I give dem the power they bring back the shackles
So I got to overthrow the struggle.

Captured by command of corrupted law
The big wheel keeps on turning
On a simple line day by day
The earth spins on its axis
One man struggle while another relaxes

There's a hole in
The big wheel keeps on turning
On a simple line day by day
The earth spins on its axis
One man struggle while another relaxes

There's a hole in my
the surface below, peel the rind peel the rind
There's plenty of layers to go, peel the rind, peel the rind
Thick skin keeps me living
Struggle's alive
I'm in shambles
Blown to bits by our troubles
These brambles
Our stumblings our struggles

Aspera! Per aspera! Per ardua! Ad astra!

parents all by theyself)
It's all a struggle (diseases decreasin your health)
It's all a struggle (fiends swearin that's they last puff)
It's all
in this potion
Yet it struggles struggles raped by men
Still it watches

Squirming and gleaming bubbles bursting
Breathing out their stench
In the darkness
A flame shines
Like a sun

In a room of light
The same flame
Struggles to be seen

A world of twilight
Was needed
To avoid
A struggle so deep inside
Learning to respect this pain

watch this struggle
Through these pale reflections
I still hold on

a turn around and nod
Waking these
It's a constant struggle
Emptyness rolls by
Left up on the shelf
No one hears the cry

Just another decoration 
Looking for the reason
You want to be loved by everyone
If it was anywhere else if it was up to me
We would have had something so we weren't so free
But a dog won't
If we never meet again this side of Heaven
As we struggle through this world and its strife
There's another meeting place somewhere in Heaven
to struggle all the live long day
Man was told that he was born in original sin
By people long ago that were conning him
Man is so out of touch he can't
everybody has a story told day by day
As the world keeps on turning, this life gets worse and worse
It's a typical story it happens everyday
ever seen
Expecting to be shot on site, or taken for a ride 
By them dirty coal operators
A'shootin down the union men wherever they were found
By history's flames?

We've lived.
We've loved,
And lost this day
And time

The end of time.
The blinding light
Through bloodshot eyes,
Children holding cupcakes
With paradise in their eyes

And the seabird struggles in the wind
She topples, balances again

Four big pelicans just flew by
the ground
The longer it keeps raining the more she has to struggle to maintain a wonderful time
Oh yeah

Oh wanna to love it up without me
I've got smoke
now you depend
on moods of a child
giving fear into the world

Day by day we struggle
we work hard for something we don't see
for something we
Understanding the meaning of struggle
Giving your whole life to a single passion
Which others may or may not
Consider obsolete

Like a rare
Trouble, we have known trouble 
In our struggle just to get by 
Many times the burden's been heavy 
Still we carried on side by side 

Can't escape all your worries
Endless sorrow, pain, and suffer
Can't escape your emotions
Enslavement by the world you choose

The struggle
And soulless tomorrow
We struggle for tthe joy
Oh, we struggle for tthe joy
That life is haunted by
Its memories - its meaninglessness
Yearn to be gathered,