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Creepy stripy on my back
Creepy stripy on my back
I don't think so!
But you should get a new soul if you will, please do
Set the holy church on fire
you now

Steal a car and drive away
She'll be gone
The very next day
Stripy shirt
Oh I won't forget her nah
Cos she said forever

They all left
bacon stripy - oh
If she really with it
We go chilly for the weekend
Za za and b-f
A new condo just to sleep in
Oh oh Yh she, cute cute
Shawty doing lines
Zee the Bee, she’s pretty as can be
With her whizzy whizzy wings and her stripy back.
Lots to do, she’s busy busy too
And her colours are yellow
cuidao’ con el suelo porque resbala
imagina cuando se saque las bragas

Es camisa fuera stripies
Esos leggins abajo así, si si
Así se
In my stripy shirt
Stressed out all the time
Can't get you off my mind
As long as you're happy
That's all that really matters to me
That's all that
con el suelo porque resbala
imagina cuando se saque las bragas
Es camisa fuera stripies
Esos leggins abajo así, si si
Así se esta de lujo
I hear them boys coming

Andy freezes, all his fees
Locks, stripy stocks, rocks in the watch
Big shorts, headband to a cross-jersey back Ross
and miles
Old men in stripy trousers rule the world with plastic smiles

Good or bad, like it or not
It's the only one we've got

I won't let the sun go
Four four down the stripy ghost
Four four will leave a nigga smoked

When we mob we reck shit
Yank it aye now
All real no prank shit
Fuck a system that's
skin from yesterday
I know I'm just a kid
But I gotta grow some other way
I just gotta grow some other way
Gummy worms are nice to sea monkeys
I see you stripy heavy
Money pour down with the levees
Sauce them like wheat spaghetti
Baby that pussy ready

Pulled up in a old school Chevy
homonyms, I'm abolishing the bad and the awful things
Verses so addicting they should be illegal use
Might be stripy, so I'm likely to be Beetlejuice
I walk in that bih' with the Strip-y that's on me I'm countin' and counting' hundreds
I'm walking around so limpy, my jeans they filled to the top
Gripping on my handle
Freaky freaky has no manners
Do you have a man gave me a look and no answer
From the stripy she a dancer
Gave her this dick
One little buzzy bee
As stripy as can be,
Two little buzzy bees
Make honey for my tea.

Three little buzzy bees
Around the flower bed,
Four little
lying and playing each other 
Girl I swear you're something else 
The way you walked out of the station
Girl you need to know
That stripy top 
And denim
flipping got the room spinning like typhoon
Drippy drippy on my wrist, it's a fucking tsunami
Stripy tipsy little bitch, told that bitch get off me
for cool
	And trendy accessories,
	There’s not been a great deal to choose from 
	Throughout the centuries;
	A stripy tie if you were lucky,
	A cap worn
for feelings, gutted by my stripy welts
Even if lights turned grey
We still saw the colours, just in a very different way

You were hiding
Closing eyes
fell into place
Oh boy you looked so naive in your skinny jeans and your stripy t-shirt
It started as a silly game, are we still in time to stop before
to the spending here go some Benjamin's
That’s how you treat the main
Its quiet for the other ones
Catch us in the stripy, sipping Henny smoking throwing ones
I will soon finish this
I am not limitless
I'm not irrelevant
Stripy insect ligaments
That's who I am that's who I can be
Make a mistake oh dear
a stripy spoor
Drew a line ‘twixt land and sea
With living brushstrokes on the shore
‘The dunes’ she wrote, ‘the dunes, the dunes’
Seductive is the name she

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