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Heading for bad weather
Hard rain is gonna come
Everybody shakes to the sound of a gun

You might think you're clever
This thing will strike you
the rain come down
I've said enough outside my door
I stay in here it's always warm
I didn't ask the rain to come
Too many senses, why won't you strike
You've been pushed around
Until you mumble
Beaten to the ground
But you won't crumble

They strike you dumb
They bring you down
They keep you
You've been pushed around
Until you mumble
Beaten to the ground
But you won't crumble

They strike you dumb
They bring you down
They keep you
remains beyond doubt
Fear that you'll become nothing
And the thought makes you numb
Angst makes you tiny
Angst strikes you dumb

Fear needs
a hollow drum
Strike me dumb
Except to mumble
My School Prayer

Oh, Lord I'm Enraged, Take It From Me
'Cause That Pretty Little Girl Told That She Loves Me
Oh, Lord She Strikes Me Dumb, But I Know In Real
Lost somewhere over the rainbow
Way up high, too scared to dream
But too dumb to die

My daddy always was on strike
Going off with the teamsters
Can you read my thoughts, I'm not sure what I said
I feel dumb and long night coming

Did you steal my prayers I don't know where I was
I feel
And her discman started to melt

Bigmouth la da dumb da da
Bigmouth la da da da, bigmouth strikes again
And I've got no right to take my place
In the human
believe in the loveliness
I believe in this sainted mess

I move to strike the motion 
The jokes that you wrote didn't float
It gets broken
Dare you
peeps uptown, clap your hands

It's three strikes, two tokes, one time for the mind
Three strikes, two tokes, one time for your mind
Three strikes
you'd always strike out
But now you're way out in front and you look glory bound
You're just a little too smart for a big dumb town

Now, when
the Philippines.

So, how did everything get turned around so damn bad? Doesn't it strike you as a little dumb that we burn oil and choke ourselves and chop down
of your beak

Poor dumb bird

The sun can rise if it wants, 
The rain can fall if it wants, 
The fire can strike where it likes
But when one good
sings... my love

At your feet I'd kiss every one of your cool toes
My dumb heart is not as smart as what a fool knows
At your kiss I'd curse everyone
For my
imitate, 'cause my style ain't in season
Go back to the lab, upgrade the chump
Get a new ? gun before you get dumb dumb

[B-Real & Sen-Dog]
Ignorance is rich man's life comfortably dumb husband and wife
Can't raise a conscience, there's no conscience to be raised
Kill the rich now,
for when to strike

The bullet in the blood
Came from those you trust
Friendly fires
Death by a liar

Dumb, deaf and blind
(Dumb, deaf
Always so still, I never will, be like you.
And you never will strike, me better
Ba da

It's always so clear, you never really hear, at all
strike three, no more me
Cause I see the game and dumb's not my name

Pack your bags, call you a cab
No more laughs
Cause I'm not the one that you're
Dumb diti dumb dang dang di dumb
2 bums in an alley with a bottle of rum 
1 bum said look Jack I'm the shit
Put his knees to his ears and sucked
make dat choppa bust, we'll make dat choppa bust)

7 Time time felon pimp ain't no tellin'
7 time felon, can't say it ain't sellin
1 strike, 2 strike, 3
The way you run your life,

Time you hit the road,
Better be on your way,
Don't scream,
Don't shout,
Three strikes and you be out,
It's a shame I

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