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Lightnin' strike
Lightnin' strikes
Lightnin' strike me
Lightnin' strikes me
Lightnin' strike me down
Lightnin' strikes me down
ride has been so hard and lonely
As if it would never end

Can you read my mind
Don't wait for a sign

Strike down the heathen
Our strength can't
I won't bow
If you're there now
Strike me down, strike me down, strike me down
Oh, you've got nothing

There is none higher than this blood
Strike me down
Give me everything you've got
Strike me down
I'll be everything I'm not

Count the questions on one hand you don't ask me what I
Out over the edge you'll find
Beads of laser fly
Out over the edge of time

Armada of mirrors
A flint to strike down with weather
And combat in full
Where the linen is cheap
Where the weapons are not
Where all the mothers will be
Is dead, is dead, is dead
Will strike you down
Love love love
Will strike
Strike down the one sir
Come criticize you
Strike down the one sir
Come jeopardize you
Come jeopardize you

And like a new grown seed
The man come
here, one chance to be won

Into this raging war, out of the sun
The dragon strikes down, killing the one
Into this raging war, out of the sun
silence against ignorance
Iconoclast, I hope you burn, burn in hell

May the hands of God strike them down
May the hand of God strike them down
May the hand

If all is against you
Strike down this angry force
The sky turns a biolent color
The nature of the crowd cries
The sound of silence makes
to the darkened sky, take my hand for awhile
electricity, I'm here, strike down on to me...forever
swirl and swirl and swirl and swirl and...
I'm on fire,
Playing with breezes you do not understand
Time will discreetly arrange
That no more shall be seen of you

Oh surely not would strike
Down a laughing
[lyrics by Christian Lesegue and Bob Parduba]

Rise to the order of a supreme society
Strike down rebellion control identity

to malady,
For here the chords that will make history,
Oh mystery.
They say 'strike him down!'
'strike him down!'

His 'strife stirred France' repaid by
Chain lightning, young lions
Come thundering a dancing town
Chain lightning, come to strike you down

Brute force, gun crazy
Come roaring onto
Mecum omnes plangite!  
(So at this hour
Without delay
Pluck the vibrating strings;
Since Fate
Strikes down the strong man, 
Everyone weep with me!)
will strike down upon thee with great vengeance and furious
Anger those who attempt to poison and destroy my brothers 
And you will know
My name is
when they strangle you, get yourselves together
Strike down all that oppose you
Look now, what have they sold you
Even if they anger you, get
gripped by clenched fists rise

Brandish new force, like a plague it strikes down
The time is now 'cause the time is right
To take what is ours
peacemaker here you are no more. Strike you down, strike you down (youll pay the price) life taker you'll bow down (peacemaker) Bow down crimes punished deal
When Braveheart spake the words

Strike hard strike fast
Cut the rebels down
Strike hard strike fast
And the Duke will breathe his last

And all
wings they are descending
See shadows gathering around
One by one they are falling
Every time they try to strike us down

Don't you die on me
and bigotry 
A cruel, hypnotic sound 
He plays his last tune greedily 
And strikes the children down.
A cruel, hypnotic sound
He plays his last tune greedily
And strikes the children down.

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