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Smoking this za ain't nun of this shit special
I gotta go to the plug for the vegetables
You bleed like i bleed you know everyone stretchable
what drake meant
Hoe don’t press me I ain’t press able
Unapproachable but my money long and stretchable
And your catchable
Fat ass
Don’t make me get
feeling good now
You stretchable, flexible just like a spider is 
Happy Him I'm feeling good now
Sun set you be wet like the pussy is sweating 
Happy Him
don't give a Fuck if u cool bitch your mans hot
Gtf from round me too much tea up in my damn pot
Work wit da work wit da work make it stretchable
He ain't
Now it's stretchable
It's working out
No talk about
You walkin' Now
They asking how
No backing down
Slamm Dunkin
No passing round
My money found
at special festivals
No cup could ever be fittin my genitals unless it's stretchable i'm in perpetual
Motion in general I'm unforgettable never regrettable
Keep that same energy, nigga keep that same energy
Pussy tight, get it wet, make it stretchable, put her knees in her chest, this bitch flexible
elastic when I spit 
I'm stretchable, flexible, flavorful
Ang mga tugma kesa Nestfruita
Kaya 'di ka mababato maski na makita
Mo ang ulo ni medusa
Cause I'm
Militant minded why move like general
I dont flex when the money long I stack till its stretchable
I'm digging the verses it's like I'm looking for minerals
Put you in gymnastics 
While I'm smashing 
Hope you stretchable 
I'll be so fantastic 
They gone call you 
miss elastic too 
And she call me daddy
I got a comfort zone thats really stretchable
Forgive me for sins but this ain't no confessional
This the type of life I live it's so exceptional
People say cartis good i say that shits a lil stretchable
Lil pump is also shit some might even say digestible
Always talkin bout me like you think that
so impeccable
Deep and its dissectible 
Imma be unforgettable 
Cause im flexible stretchable 
Obviously your dispensable 
Bubble gum drum on the beat

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