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Rain on me
By his grace the phone ring
A lady said were hiring and 
That's when I knew

You saved me [4x]

Now i was 18 out there on the block
, I feel like I do

Let me love the lonely out of you
Let me love the pain you're going through
I think I've saved myself by saving you
Let me love
was not a doubt
You could've counted me out
For crying out loud
If not for your trust
All my dreams would be dust

You walked by and saved my life
You praise, we give You praise

Through the avenues of time here You meet me where I am
We walk with glory and pain and You've broken the chains
to speak to me or my child my neighbor then smiled and I thought
A tongue can accuse

A car speeded by and the screaming of brakes a sound that made my
at friends

I was saved by the bell
Or rather saved by hell
Because it didn't kill me
No it rather drilled me
To be doing well

My friends look forward
knows not to speak to my child nor to me
My neighbor then smiled and I thought
A tongue can accuse

A car speeded by and the screaming of brakes
Oh give me a home
Where the buffalo roam
And the death of a race is a game
Where seldom is heard

A peaceable word
From the white trash
you often do

Again you saved the day
By knowing what to say
You're always coming through
The times I most need you

Like the other day
There was
That I'd fly all the way to the moon
Just to walk you down your street

I can save the world
Since the night your love saved me
Where I can tell the time by the color of my skin
And I know my neighbor 'cos he's the one, yes he's the one
Who always turns me in

A woman works
knows not to speak to my child or to me." 
My neighbor then smiled and I thought


A car speeded by and the screamin' of brakes
A sound
outside of the street
Keep moving on through the joy and the pain
Sometimes you got to look back
To the street again
Would you prefer all those castles
I walk the 
Streets of darkness 
Where hell awaits 
Guarded by the mystery 
Just beyond the gates 
Searching for the answer 
Every man must
the words don't come
And I wish I told you how you changed my life
And saved me with your love
I hope when all is said and done
You know I owe you one
knows not to speak to my child nor to me
My neighbor then smiled and I thought
A tongue can accuse

A car speeded by and the screaming of brakes
My time, all my life
Some way, I saved
The memory, the pending,
The family, surround me

A god given time,
A god given gift of life.
A time
for thorns instead
I'm saved within not by your skin
But because your blood was red
We may be different but, the God we serve's the same
If you see me walking down the street
And I start to cry each time we meet
Walk on by, walk on by

Just make believe that you don't see the tears
They say Heaven is a place 
Where our pain is washed away
With no room for all the torment
Of choices that we've made
I'm a broken man saved by
crazy he saved me as I threw my mass at glass in pain
Mimic through a window now he's let go

So let it be
He's free
Freer than me
Freer than me
of distress my heart will not fear

Pain, mental torment
Saved from death

Trapped in mental pain, agony within
Life consumed by anguish, endurance
the pain that they cure
Sentimentally yours
From Killermont Street

And with collar upturned
I made it south to see
That the love I had spurned
away from me

Down the evening rain falls
Waltzing round my feet
Paints reflections of the houses on my street
Drawn out as the night draws in
feel good 
I was just a baby still retarded from slavery 
When we struggle to shovel shit ain't nobody saved me 
Ghetto ain't made me I made myself