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Justice by us, revenge is a bitch
Now's the time to deal with it
Where the system fails we now prevail
Your innocence is my retribution
Eye for
And take your pride 

Innocent people walking by 
No time to smile before they die 
Don't call that justice 
Children are starving
are gathered
Estadium nacional
They disappear, ask them how the tortured shall
Dispatch a message to loved ones now
Their photographs worn by survivors
over their preserved youths

Liberty and Justice

I pledge allegiance in God we trust
Down the hood and up Wall Street
From the church and trough
cars take a look
Paid by daddy's big cheque book
Your rebellion stands at the back of the club
Inking down notes with the bands blood

What goes through your mind is a mystery
You watch street bands
judges, don't equal justice 
Free all political prisoners 

Brick by brick - wall by wall 
won't sit back - let our brothers and sisiters fall
on the street
Is that the writing's on the wall, yeah
And the cop's on the beat

Graffiti Limbo
Where do you go?
Graffiti Limbo
When there ain't no justice
the coppers and screws
Who tortured the innocent, wrongly accused
For the price of promotion
And justice to sell
May the judged by their judges when they
The friendly ranger paused
And scooping a bowl of beans
Spreading them like stars
Falling like justice on different scenes

"I'm damned"
What ever happened to protect and serve
'Cause if you get in their way you get burned
And if your looking for justice don't bother
'Cause in
And back again

Saw empty houses on a dead end street
People linin up for something to eat
And the ghost of America watching me
Through the broken
Striking at mental apparitions 
Like a drunk on a vacant street 
Silently beset by the hands of time 
And elegant in its fury 
An aberrant crack
Violence, wrath and chaos
Blood fills the street
Generals lead their masses
Children at their feet

Judgment Day
Will the sun refuse to shine
She lived by a window, disconnected eyes
Holy book beside her, waiting for sign
Crucifix pressed tightly to her silent heart
Streets of gold
the policeman

The streets are insane
On a night full of danger
Honey don't you get caught
In a city by a stranger
It's a contact sport in the game of life
Creation falls to madness, raped by political thieves. 
Nations Cast to Fires, policy dictated by greed. 
Embrace false justice, designed to ease
We're talkin' about a thick necked man in the city
Build a pub a blood and sweat
Swears by God he'll stand by justice
He ain't stood by justice
a pure race created by intolerant bigots
Who would destroy a world for their own power

The rivers are weeping as the streets rain blood
As we now pass
Vivisectionists dragged into the street and shot as flames engulf the laboratory
Justice's hammer falls again and again until it ends 
when the price is
by grain, it's least a struggle
I am controlled by pity and I walk the street at night
I see a twinkling star and I wish that I was as bright as you.
Supervise this good treatment
Alternative line by line
So the street guys so observant
Take him for a ride
Have a good time
Like a legend the man he
Don't place your trust in foolish promises sworn
Nor cryptic message scrawled upon every wall
Street corner justice beware
The spirit will find
People on the street now
Faces long and grim
Souls are feeling heavy
And faith is growing thin
Fears are getting stronger
You can Feel them

The depression of a depression
Worldwide suicide for the economy
Caused by the dialectic chaos when the
Mob on Wall Street took "We

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