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knows I need to need you
By the time this love is over I'll be sleepin' on the street

Damned if you love me
Damned if you don't
It's gettin' harder
life, have damned 

You are a good friend 
Friendly as good friends can be 
Your father wants you to live on his knee 
This is the start of the end,
But I got it in my heart so I'll be damned if I won't
Make my dreams come true, my team come through
Man take it how you feel it; on the real it's
walk these streets and dream of you
Yeah, I'm damned if I don't,
Damned if I do,
But damned if I don't want you

I see your face through that window
Statue of Liberty
Outside of Birmingham
Stands by the highway
Raises its lily white hand
Boatloads of people
Rush to America's Birmingham
Through the night you can hear them

Twisting you mind and smashing your dreams
Blinded by me you can't see a thing
Torches blazed and sacred chants
epilogue to my tale of sadness.
I was dragged down the street by his Royal Dadness.
We rounded the corner and came to a stop,
Threw me inside Jake's
But if this the way that it must be then he?ll be damned
If he will let them take away his perfect dream

Ministers stuff bank notes into leather bags
they took my ID
These were my friends, these were my dreams
These were my hopes, these are my streets
the people confused
Damned by the media that keep 'em subdued
I been around the world, seen a lot of shit in my life
Same sirens, same ghetto birds swirlin'
Postironic we laugh dream in sonic
Diamond overload
Drenched in fear by strike of lightning
Cause we're only listening with one ear now
This organism
and lace
I wanna brush by Ann Rice
And go on down Bourbon Street

I see a sea of smiles
I see a haunted city reaching out
I see hope in all their faces
coming down on me 

My old man worked his troubled life in a nowhere dead end
He drank the pain away I'll be damned if that's me having my dreams robbed
You asked me if I live without her
I choke on my reply
Let the blind man at the mirror spin his lie
And I'm damned if I don't try
Damned if I
Troubled dreams
Of a wandering nomad
Damned to be all by myself I traveled far
Following bright stars
Through the endless desert sands
Never know what's waiting by the door 
Come take my hand 
It's like a surreal dream and it goes on endlessly 
It's really not so bad, you see 
To live
Hi, I thought I dropped by so nice to see you
It's been too long since I was calling you
I've been holding on to prayer
'Cause my dreams never
to be free, yet damned to eternity
Dreams can set me free for awhile
Chained to this burning, yet only a child
My soul must feed, their blood has made
With the dying Breath of the Blind Witch came the Prophecy 
From the Land of Myth and Dreams into Reality 
From the old Kingdom of Magic
Down on the street 
The night is a whore 
For dreams of fools 
Where things of old 
Still turn to gold 
In hands of ghouls 

Oh I would
and fifty years

The town I live in
The street, the house, the room
The pavement of the city
Or the garden all in bloom

The church the school
no more 
To live a life in love the only thing in 
Common was 
We knew there was somethin' more 
Now we walk in the dream 
But dream no more
to the end
Wave the mighty dollar
Pave the streets with gold
Lead us by the collar
All our dreams are sold

Rings upon your finger
Stardust in your hair
[lyrics by Birgit Lages]

born from illusions, bread by dreams
No one can follow us.
We were gone before we came, alone, eternal
Dark and damned
to give
He aches and he learns to live
He stakes all his silver
On a promise to be free
Mermaids live in colonies
All his sea dreams come to me