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I'm moving strategic
I'm moving with caution
I'm all about a dollar
I'm all about a profit

I'm grinding like the game on the line
Fourth quarter
You gotta play the cards you was dealt you can't choose
Sometimes you win sometimes you lose
Just play strategic
No matter the situation be wiser
the games broke so I freaked it
Now I gotta move strategic
About to catch my dreams best believe it
About to catch my dreams best believe it
Feeling like
your energy
Ain't no doubt about it, I really fucking mean it
I tell 'em I'm the one, every move I make strategic, ah
And we not on the same wavelength
I got codeine on ice
I got bitches all type
I got people telling lies
Devil coming in disguise
Cause they see me on the rise
Moves strategic I’m too
They say my heart got too cold
You won't catch me in yo business
Bitch I got demons
They watching how I move
I'm strategic
Now they wanna work
the slums
Aint supposed to be shit
Never be a victim to struggle make moves strategic
The season for something to believe in
Believing is gold where we from
the weapons
23 of psalms
I give him my heart
An Keep it moving on
Lord always my shepherds
Guided me when everything was wrong
This is called strategic war
to keep it real
That's when I advance

Been determined to win
Been determined to thrive
Well thought out plots
Strategic wit my live

Been determined to win
extra baggage
Separate myself young nigga tryna live lavish
Can't go back broke yea nigga that was past tense
Movin strategic yea way smarter than year
the car
With the radio
Turned to static
Feeling quite tragic
And with one strategic blow
And you find yourself
Back in the hold
That you used to sit
the shit with some Taboo 
You know you got 2
Wake up 
Money Yes
Do not
Text him 
That's a mess 
Be strategic 
This shit chess 
Fuck that nigga 
had no problems since
But you gotta be strategic
You gotta be elastic
You gotta shake hands so shit don't get drastic
Meet the family and kiss the wife
I see I'm a inconvence 
So we breakn even
Watch it when they come and Take your guns like its Sweden

I move strategic 
I use cerebral 
Not on my level nowhere near the knees
They gave 'em a F and I turn to G
But passin’ like Stockton, I just seen the mailman they pushin’

"No making friends, no human contact with the Germans"
Micro-precision and heart full of steel
Strategic kindness, mechanic feel
Or they will destroy your culture
(Fight) Repel the vulture

(Fight) Join forces with Geronimo
(Kill) Strategic dominance overpowers
(Fight) Leaves them
the detail, everything's strategic
I need holy water, I need holy spirit
You can lay and rot, I resurrect like Jesus

Bounced back from that stroke, bitch
I'm alive)
The devil's in the details everything's strategic (I'm alive, I'm alive)
I need holy water I need Holy Spirit (I'm alive, I'm alive)
they really make me frantic
With you
Strategic interaction irreducible fraction
Terminal inaction and a bitter hostile faction
I'm getting anxious
Haa, ya Magalela
Fana I'm in it ya ka gatella
I be killin this shit ka satella
They be streaming my shit ba mamella
We strategic with it ra tsatsela
I'm fucking seasick, I'm not strategic
I'm not comedic, and I mean it
Let me repeat it
And I mean it, let me repeat it
I'm not strategic, I'm not
No need to play around, the plan must go
Focus on the mission, always keep the goal
Strategic with the people that I talk with
gotta keep it factual (Facts)
The way I do it, treat it like it’s nothing, it’s so casual (Yeah, yeah, yeah)
So strategic with it, every move is tactical

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