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age was nineteen
He was the bravest union man, that I have ever seen

Harry Simms was a palomine, we labored side by side
Expecting to be shot
[lyrics by Harry Conklin]

On the fields of our fathers land
Marsh green pride of ENGLAND
On the moors our fathers rest
Their tales are not forgotten
cash fresh off tourin'
You know we bout that life, you niggas tellin' stories

I'm legendary
And nigga when I'm gone you're gonna see my name in
or jail
Popped by "Dirty Harry" or popped by the cops for they yayo, locked in a cell
Who's to blame when I was raised in this hood, where my crew was slain
gifts and promises
Sick and tired of hearing 'bout those Harry, Dick, and Thomas'
Banished her for life he did, right then and there, from the premises
Yesterday's a collar that has settled round my waist 

Today keeps slipping by me, it leaves no aftertaste 
Tomorrow is a daydream,
or Harry Ford
'Cause I'd be plain out of luck baking just on what I know
By mind can draw some blanks like karate champs of TaeBo

I exercise his ways I'm
Very scary if I feel like Dirty Harry
Just might bust a bitch, never knew my life
But yet the question is, is he fake, is he real
twenty to life once he's caught by the feds
His name was Billy

"Yeah my man went and got her credit card
 Bought my man a Pathfinder Jeep, word up