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And flip that, on video
You and me yo, is you wit' that
And Scotta to Prada, can you fit that?
Let me get that

Verse Two: Rick James
Girl you don't
gotta love me
You can take me out the ghetto, but you can't take it from me
Gotta love it

[Chorus: Rick James, (Backup singers)]
(Talkin' 'bout
[Intro: Mannie Fresh (Rick Ross)]
OK, I'm reloaded (Ain't expect this)
The homey, Elvis Freshly (Uh huh) and Rick Ross-teen (Nigga)
He Back (I see
of our most immaculate tour guides take us all through the ghetto, 
My nigga' Rick James

When I was a young boy, growin' up in the ghetto
Hanging out
I'ma be at the ripe ol' age of forty-eight or forty-niner
My shit is wise, CPT M.C. for hire
my name ain't Rick James but I'll burn your ass with a fire
with a chinchilla
I ball on these fuck niggas, Bron-Bron, D Wade
Whip white like cocaine, too dope, Rick James
I’m hardbody, my flow sick, that Eagle
grabbed him by the coat

Don't try to save me
Just let me be
I'm not your brother
Step back
Rick James, respect that

[ Slug ]
cant help it 
Myself esteem is even higher when im walking with you
You give me fire and desire 
Like Tina Marie and Rick James do 
I don't care burn
was club hopping back when Rick James was out
And all I get is Trinidad James
Wait a minute that's strange
Sip a bit of champagne, say fuck
If the hoes
(I pledge allegiance to Budweiser and free drugs)
Peace to Rick James, Anna Nicole Smith, Bill Clinton
and Motley Crue
And anyone else who has
the brand of the d that he on
How come he do what he wanna neva' do what we want
I'm Rick James of this game
Need some wide leather couch for me to plant
Okay, I'm reloaded
The homey, Elvis Presley and Rick Ross teen
Be back, I'm back
I'm back, I'm back
It's nowhere to go

I'm talkin' Japanese
goes out to my money earnin Mount Vernon crew
J. Daddy, James Huff, Pete Rock, Nick Love
Trak Boogie, and my man Chris Hughley
(You've got a)
of our most immaculate tour guides take us all through the ghetto, 
My nigga' Rick James

When I was a young boy, growin' up in the ghetto
Hanging out
her phone as a bitch name
Play your cards smart bitch, a super freak like Rick James
Quiet, stay low key and fuck, we go by them laws
I'm hitting her
Insane In The Brain
Rick James In The Veins
Real Niggas Never Change
And Though We Homies And We No Longer Hang
You Know You Know Me And That Love
Rick James is shootin up your house nigga!
You're screamin' fuck the world with your middle finger up
While I'm over here
We still ride while others a switch lanes
We're swingin' into smacks grown men like Rick James
To kids hidin' behind internet nicknames (woo)
flashy [fuck that]
I'm meet your sister she gonna come home changed [HA!]
I bring the freak outta that bitch, rick james
Hi, whole things if my brains
I used to do it like Sinatra, do it my way
Now I'm the Fugee of my Lauren Hill that got away
I though we had an at last love, Etta James
But now I'm
Rick James." >

"Well, give me a Hennessy and one of them pills.
And point me to the strippers buck naked in high-heels."

What? What?
He Do What He Wanna Neva Do What We Want
I'm Rick James Of This Game
Need Some Wide Leather Couch For Me To Plant My Feet On
Da Murphy's Didn't Jump Me
the pilot in the plane, drinkin' beer in the cockpit
With three thick dames I party like Rick James
My name is Tash nigga, Rico Swift's my nickname
up and needed a rider
Maybe Aliyah single up there and needs a rider
I know you and rick James would set the studio on fire
You in a better place up
a second, and checked the track record
He would have seen that I'm solid
So gather round there's a new hombre in town
Influenced by James Brown

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