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their faces in the sea
We are walking in the evening by the ocean
We are splashing naked in the water
And the sky is red from off towards New Orleans
coming through
Fear the ocean's way

Ah should I fear you
Are you caught in anger
Gods cannot control you
Winds make you go higher

If I swim
and broken
Like yesterday' s dreams

You are my harbour
My dream of tomorrow
My promise of sunshine
My shield from the storm
My sweet companion
We' ll journey
It's just you, just us
Nobody but love
On trust, on us, nobody now
Can we swim a lake by the ocean
We'll be one like drops in slow motion
Lake by
on the mainland.

Island in the city, cut by a cold sea.
People moving on an ocean. 
Groundswell of humanity.
Storm-lashed on the high-rise 
Their words are
the night the ghosts are sailing still
The James Caird steering east by north-east through the wild Atlantic swell
The men lie soaked and cold beneath
(Words and Music by Joan Baez)

Don't worry about my politics
They are what they are
I work best when I get some rest
Right now I'm in a bar
a trench

By the way are you watching?
How the world says goodbye

Plastic islands in the ocean
Violent storms drop atom bombs
Hidden women walking
You see now
Boats are cruising the deserts
Oceans cracked by the heat
People drowning in raindrops
But it's all right
It's not a defeat
A thick fog lies ahead
The ocean's deadly calm
Their ship glides on the silent waves
Into the unknown
He cannot turn around
For him it's much
and to breed
The wisdom I need

Gather in the storms asunder
Condone the cosmic hibernation
Steam of rivers, the hive of oceans

Recollection, my soul
are high
Sleepless nights : the bleak moonlight : the chill and damp
By morning light : a strip of land we see

Vinland : crossing the endless
of love 

Hear the summer breeze 
All the nighttime's listening 
Your eyes are sparkling now 
And their oceans glistening 

Sail upon a sea 
Of love
We see the air is thick
Between the ocean and the forest mist
This blackened ocean calling for us

Our minds are drawn to hates eternal storm


of a gun that I never held
This is the voice of the book worm, this is the voice of the bookworm

Who's words storm earls like hurricanes
You insert

We call out, to you, to you

You are stronger than the storm
You are reigning over all
Faithful God you're always in control
You're the anchor
[Verse 2: Earl Sweatshirt]
Close your eyes to what you can't imagine
We are the xany-gnashing
Caddy-smashing, bratty ass
He mad, he snatched his
the night
By and by there came a lady
Busked in linens lily-white

Thaney beckoned tae the lady
Through the mirk she couldnae tell
That it was
On this magical dawn the colours of the autumn are
Reflected by a light
A light that has been captured for years in oblivion of

Winded is the sailor...drifting by the storm... 
Wounded is the organ he left all...bloodied on the shore... 
Gorgeous was his savior  sees
You let the wind take us down
You let the storm come and wipe us out
I saw the fox stomp you out
I saw the ocean come take you under

I have my
return as we witness the shore

We sail the sea
We fight the storm
One hundred men caught by endless passion
Adventure Norse Men
A hunting eye
Cameron's getting logical,
A Vulcan in disguise,
The mysteries of the night are
Putting sparkle in his eyes. 
He's looking for sound reasoning,
heart-broken vessel 
This night an angry storm
When sadness crashes like an ocean 
When fear is deeper than the sea 
When I am swallowed by the darkness