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So safe in the unknown
And it felt so warm vivid colors when it stormed
Escapism in it's best form

Islands on my mind, i was sailing on a boat
some heads 
We never gave a shit 
Climbed every mountain, stormed every city 
They said that this would never last 
We never gave a fuck 

You stormed out of my house, quarter after two
You stormed out of my house, quarter after two
But by sixteen after baby, I ways crying after you

as you stormed away
If that's what you want, then that's what you'll get
I've just got one thing to say

Why'd you have to go and paint my roses red
wont take it easy, karma's what you is witnessin
My vengeance burns bright, you can call me Maleficent
Aint a Skywalker, but I stormed the empire
Did it
You stormed out of my house, quarter after two
You stormed out of my house, quarter after two
But by sixteen after baby, I ways crying after you

of the dragons, seeking for revenge
Stormed was the dragons' gate, their destiny is hard
Stormed was the dragons' gate, they were ripped apart
Stormed was
In the rose garden
In my field of thorns
I heard a faint whisper
While the sky stormed
I'm driving through town
Am i the last one out
I put the radio
Impalement of the light
By blackened frozen pike
Desecrate, annihilate, siege
Angels stormed out to face
Demons emerging
Thunderous rage
Powers clashed
on my name ima put you under 

Rain stormed so many times you don't feel my thunder
Pain dripping out my eyes wishing I was under 
All dis time flying by
of dragons, Elves and men
All stormed the dark gates of a tousand hells
And now well declase eternal war
To every damned new hellish lord 
On the way to Ainor!
One kiss, one kiss, one kiss, woo, and I'm gone than a mo'fucker
Your lips, your lips, your lips, woo, got me stormed than a mo'fucker
'Bout to take it
a thousand rivers
I have walked the streets of gold
I have been through Hell and Heaven
Where my soul was bought and sold
I have stormed the Himalayas
of death rush through their blood
The word on their tongue ready to speak waiting for devil's command

Silver with nuclear powers
Power was given
how to mellow in, this promise to be stormed
I got sore hands from building brick by brick
A wall to weather any storm but loves hurricane
Has me
Empowered and stormed with shame 
You justify your black tooth lies
On the wrong side of fame 

Is that all you can take from me
As if what you've got is not
Boy, Come touch my body right away
Promise me that you are here to stay and
Give me this feeling that I can't explain
Just stormed into my life like
I know I really do I know
Your tired and wanna get away it all but so do I"
Well he stormed into the wind and the rain
Going of to stain his shirt
and the P is always capital (steez)
Tribe finna riot like the mob at the capital
Man I stormed into the stormed into the studio like I'm Hannibal
Like Obama I
He stormed a rain stormed night
Full of sad eyed warriors bruised from the fight
He went searching for his muse he was following his scent
He was
And all those times you
You stormed right out the doorway
Said “fine just have it your way”
I know I'm better off just on my own
And all those times you
And babe, I can't stand one more moment alone

I remember the instant we met as it stormed in the distance
Your lips touched mine, it felt so right, I felt
That thing you want to tell 
Will be better to just say 
I'm stormed out now it's sad 
I don't need no wrong friend 

Be better to forget 
Just shut
your palm
Close your eyes to see the stark
Look deep inside, what's the worst you'll find
(The truth is ready to awaken...)
Even if Earth is stormed by

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