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comp-atition they gettin' bombed in the trunk 
Cause we keep 'em chunk in the trunk 
They gettin' bumped in the trunk 

[The Grouch] 
What can I learn from
The piano is not firewood yet
They try to remember but still they forget
That the heart beats in threes
Just like a waltz
And nothing can stop you
feel like I'm high
I really think that I'm high
Please stop by the store 'cause my mouth dry and I done ran out vow
Oh them little debbies got me
The Arrival 
Leaving by the same door from which he had come in, 
He finds some sort of freaks ghetto on the other side. 
When they catch sight
Thank God I never made it to Earth, what a happy place
how I long to be depressed, to be a grouch, get away

Yo, Yo Here I stand in the desert
No diamonds would be bought by this man
If I took a lucky strike and hit the jackpot
Would I rot in hell or prosper
Cottontail the offer
In de room where de giant fowah-puffer woikin',
'n de torchum never stops
De torchum never stops
De torchum,
De torchum,
De torchum never stops
Oscar, no wonder muh'fucker I'm a (Grouch)
I work around dirt, eyes focused on turf
You tried to hide before your NexTel chirp!
Blaow gotcha, you the best
Fuck TSA cause I'm too high for flying
Fuck NSA cause them satellites too high they do all the spying
Fuck all the leaders that's too high off
in fact there's too much evidence
Spying on the people lying evil little devils
They're recruiting demon soldiers while they execute our rebels
Every man's blood boils
When turmoil or life foils his plans
I've soiled my hands puttin' work in
Tryna keep from hurtin', cause fools
a hand, pay attention and explore
We all in this people we all in this...

[The Grouch]
Well I don't know where you've been
But if you got here I'll let you
at nightfall

When the sun begins to dim
And eventually the day dies
And the mood prepares to sway
That's where another way lies
Glow of the liquor

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