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dealing with chops man 
I need me some gwap
Sell it by the pound

Rollin around in a stolly
Catch a op leave him holly
People they know me
Couple stacks
Stolly Productions
Ain’t No Love
When you tryna get it
Ain’t No Love
When you tryna grind
Ain’t No Love
It’s Mostly Pity
Ain’t No Love
I got a lot on my dome
I carry the load on my own
Sometimes it’s hard to press on
The money gone call and I’m gone
She gone
(I'm the motherfuckin' champ)
It ain't '018, we don't go and ride stollies (I'm in a motherfuckin' Lamb')

Vanilla Buffs, chocolate tint like a sundae
y'all makin stollies all y'all up rapping in peely's and shit
Big man big man big man aye what do I need to be Rich
What do I need to get on
Bitch you
to settle down
All these girls want me im pimping like im Goldy
My lil chick bought the fit another one bought this Rollie
Plus I love the stollies you know
Chasing Coins
Like Sonic is rolling
Been in the gutter
You just know it from bowling
Me Tazz was riding
In Stollys
Savage had it
So you know shit was
percent royalty’s
Making it bounce over Stolly Beats
Thought it was over but I’m Right back to bless the streets
Stuck in traffic on i4 about to Blaze some
Let me gone on and
Twirl up this beautiful thang right here
Look at that
Heart broken
While smoking to a Stolly Production
One time for ya mind
Ak 90 Baby
Life is Not perfect
Live in your purpose
I pray the prayers that I prayed
a killing
Run up in yo buildings
Pass the glock just keep on spinning
Hit that block then bend it
Riding in stollies know we get
Driving fords and infinities
Yeah yeah
Yeah yeah
I think we got 1 Stolly
Rose petals on the ground
Late night smoking loud
Yeah yeah
Sun set through the clouds
Money stack up in
gotta keep ya mind on Me
Focus on me
Worry bout me
Ya hear me
In the flesh baby
You hear me you see me
Let’s get it
Get you some money
the homie Stolly made to swim in the Money baby
It’s been a long day
No excuses let’s get to it but first Let a negus get a brake cause
I’ve had some long
Life in the fast lane like we driving stollies
Grabbing real estate dog I don't trip on Rollies
Investin in my future nigga cause the shit is golden
a stolly
Yo home boy green same color as the Rollie
My car cost the same plain Jane Richard mille
Early I was tweakin I was tryna pop a wheely
I got vvs
The way I drove them stollies
With them gloves so tight like I was OJ
All As still shot dice up in them hallways
If yeen touching these racks
up that fire
You know I lit it
I ain't step in that car
Less that shit tinted
We spinning them stollies
Fuck them renteds
Lil bitch told me to nut in
a stolly

Not my niggas don't act like you know me

Keep it distant I rather stay lonely

Never trust every nigga who bro me

Two chops we leaving him holy
chains on, must of copped him some stollies
You shouldn't being saying that until he pull up and cop him the rollie
You shouldn't being saying that until
Ice out the whole gang
Give me some time
Talking bout time on a rolli
Talking bout riding round dirty
Like stollies
Exotic lil dancer
Won't call her
Don't go K.D. on your brodies
Know what time it is
Just like I bought them boys new Rollies
Upgraded in this bitch
We drinking on Lairds no Stollies
Onna road
Fantasizing bout sum shit
Dat we Neva could have
Know dis street shit cold
But my heart been froze
Tryna flip dem
the back and we driving a stolly
My pockets too big, yeah they gettin to swollen
Drop a hundred bands and pay for the rolly
He swear he my friend but he

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