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and lookin funny cuz bummy and shit
The day wave came same niggas mugging and mad
Got sum stocky in tha choppy tear his nugget in half
Shit a get hot when u
can't stop me 
Yeah I grew up got cocky
Guap on me look stocky 
Ride yo wave that's not me
They can't stop meeeee
We at the top we going top speed
94% more than the rest of y'all 
Short and stocky, I'm Neanderthal 
Too dumb to be cocky, Neanderthal 
Got a weird beard, I'm Neanderthal 
I'm cocky-cocky (Cocky)
Ballin is my hobby
Pockets looking stocky
Now they pop it when i pop up
Watch me 
There's a party in my lobby-lobby
We got Mary
mistake me for stocky
Never drinkin' that waki
Just water all in my cup
You know, this how it goes
Rain sleet or the snow
Baby we gotta grow
Baby you gotta
to see you make it, incubator 80's baby

One up top ahky, somethin' stocky in the choppy
Fat wally for bradaski, off a Oxy, bet he mop 'em
Pour a four
He's after that cream and he's only 16
But they chopper is stocky stocky stocky is rocky
Don't shoot

No need to tell me who's bopping
Can't you see
Don't ask me why 
Homie stop it 
Hit em 113s 
Bout that time 
to get stocky 

Shit I ain't 
never change
If u fake
Then get 
bent clown
If u with me
Get with the times it's 2020
Baby, this comin' with stocky

Demons carryin' torches
He was hoppin' from porches
Hoes heels soundin' like
out the foreign
'Fore you call the police
I'm already gone

Young nigga, from the bottom
Ohh got me like I
Got me a wrist
Rocky pockets
needing the hood cus it's stocky
I bang like i'm rocky i'm coming full hundred and no one can stop me
Tell dem seh mi cool today
Violate if yuh wah mek news
dis ice i look like hockey
Don’t go to trippin cause da choppy really stocky
Pull up wit a horse nigga ima jockey
Fuck a body man a nigga tryna drop
stop me 
And they tryna hold me back
But I'm too cocky
I'm too stocky 
It's the Skin n Bone
Slime Black 
Slime Ball
fuck A Bond bitch you Bold 

I'm at Hibachi, finna paparazzi (paparazzi)
We shootin' shit just like a paparazzi (paparazzi)
This a .30, I don't do the stocky (I don't do
they extra stocky (extra stocky)
All these bitches on me, yeah they steady watchin' (steady watchin')
All these niggas in here, yeah they steady
wit the doilies 
(Ou) (ouuuu)

We just want the grochy 
I don't need no sloppy
All my pockets stocky 
Tell me who going stop me 
I don't have to copy 
They see the kid and they skate out its not hockey
Keep the dots in the gym bag true its stocky

Whip, whip whip then I'm serving
Skating round in
a fuck what a nigga say, pockets stocky
Came a long way from sellin' dope to ice rocky
All this platinum ice in the face, feelin' godly
When it's said
the realest shit I ever wrote

I heard he was light skinned, stocky, with a Haitian accent
Jewelry, fast cars and he's known for flashing (what's his name?)
a drop if the eyes is buggy
And pull up in front of the spot cause the mommies love me
(It's gangsta) yeah and ain't no nigga gone match me
gangsta) yeah and ain¡¦t no nigga gone match me 
Stocky, chubby nigga voice real raspy 
I see you real flashy "but that ain¡¦t gone last nigga" 
Pop fire
the realest shit I ever wrote

I heard he was light skinned, stocky, with a Haitian accent
Jewelry, fast cars and he's known for flashing (what's his name?)
blocked me
So they see the flex and my arms getting stocky
I think I’ll cop me a chain aye
Something simple Lil plain jane
Same player but the games changed
wild, raw, whores' still suave
Check out this style that I've
Soul-simulated, sounds from a stocky
Semi-social, never seem sloppy
See silly slapping

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