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(by Bob Marley)

Stir it up; little darlin', stir it up. Come on, baby
Come on and stir it up: little darlin', stir it up. O-oh!

It's been a long,
even cry
Asked him why?
'She in a better place now' he replied
Can't be walking with my face down
Face frown fed up
Bob Marley told me get up
This way was different shit, I ain't afraid to face that
This time, made up my mind, on my grind
On some James Brown, it's the Big Payback

Four by four,
puffin; on L's, I never fell for the ohkee...

...Doke! when your plan goes up in smoke
like a Bob Marley spliff being smoked to a roach
I'ma live through 'em
Word to Bob Marley he put memories in melodies
It's relevant in the present though he made it in the 70's
That right there was
[Hook] *some lines will be added and withdrawn through the song*
Check the steel on the track make ya (Get up)
Big guns cocked back make ya (Get up)
Do the math, young Queezy workin' the map

It's called class
Like Bob Marley lightin' a spliff
Only the lord know how hyphy I'll get
Imma rip
Haus ist Martin, der langsamer als der Tunnel Staus ist
Reim für uns, die wirken wie die Siebziger
Alles wird freier und spritziger und Bob Marley