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Gucci Mane in the building, Gucci, Gucci
LaFlare, Big Kat, LaFlare
Say we got it like that, like that
Every thang don't mean two thangs, watch this
Young Gucci mane got a style so strange
Every word I use don't mean two thangs

It ain't the way its the principle 
What kind of student make mo
money short like Spud Webb
Bend down nigga broke nigga need help, uh
My money talking like Dikembe
Gucci Mane I make a Friday out of Wednesday, uh
you still can't move me.
And this is the soundtrack of the Gucci Mane movie, 
Gucci Mane movie, the Gucci mane movie.

Lambo engine in the rear
Said I'm 'bout to go Gucci Mane
In the trap still countin' change
Don't fuck with y'all 'cause you niggas lame
Said I'm 'bout to go Gucci Mane
Said I'm
gucci mane can sell out a club
An next guess ima have a major buzz
Im so international I get london love

Im no amateur my money skretches way past
(yeah) its Gucci 
So icy entertainment 
Atlantic records man (yeah) 
Lets get money man 
Its our year 

Pay me 15 gs yo track ill
Strapped with a uni-bomb
Every day's a workday but don't wear uniform
Gucci mane a dubadun
Trouble like a Capricorn
Trapper month goin' on a money makin'
people think I’m crazy
But Gucci Mane really love all that shit ? 
Hundred ? a day shit, hundred dollar blind shit
You can wear my shoes ? 
Ungghhhhh, Gucci!
(Big Gucci) It's yo' time
I'ma give you the blueprint
Ain't nobody harder
We got money in the matress, old money
I got credit
Playin’ around with my awards
Gucci Mane is a cool dude
But a nigga might turn into a werewolf
Got a stash box and it’s all hundreds
And your

Errybody lookin'
Lambo's get the bitches
Stove make the cookies
Hurtin these suckas feelings

Goddamn gucci
Geah (echoes), Gucci (echoes)
Gucci Mane, LaFlare, yeah
(A lot of niggaz thought we couldn't have pulled it off Gucci)
(But, guess what, we here,
Mo' money means more dough to blow
Mo' bottles, there's more dough to blow
Rick Ross got a lot of dough to blow

Way up in them Tallie Hills, burnin'
sayin' (Sheit)
Then the niggaz be like diamonds on the chest thick
Wrist, arm, fist, man, Gucci Mane, La Flare, he the shit

Gucci Mane in the party,
It's Gucci, It's Gucci Burr
Soulja Boy Tell Em'
It's Gucci, Flocka
Scott Storch, Gucci Mane, we back at it
So Icey

We smokin' that fire
Future in the club, poppin bands on them hoes
Go ahead Gucci Mane, toss some grands on the floor
I'm gettin a table dance by a fine ass ho
Got me coming
Wrapped up wit fruti 
All dem bitches gotta go 
I stepped up my visuals 
Mo diamonds dan yo jeweler hoe
Gucci mane so icey got mo diamonds dan a jewelry
It's Gucci, Gucci
So icy entertainment
Atlantic records, man

Let's get money, man, it's our year
Pay me fifteen GS, yo track I'll
of the Hummer

Gucci, Gucci Mane the fly baby I'm that guy
Gurls' eyeballs pop when my lamb pass by
Huh? My money long as a limo
Just to show off I put my wrist
Wrapped up wit fruti
All dem bitches gotta go
I stepped up my visuals
Mo diamonds dan yo jeweler hoe
Gucci mane so icey got mo diamonds dan a jewelry
be up, I'ma be up,
Call Block or Gucci Mane when it's time to re-up
It's time to re-up It's time to re-up,
7:30 in the morning, Nigga we goin' be up
You in big wheels baby we some ballers 
Money ain't a thang to the boy Gucci Mane 
Old school Chevy same color cocaine 
Ridin through the hood
The trunk is still, hopin' there's something between ya 
Now she laughin' how she took your ass to the cleaners 
Mane, I'm on your side, not tryna
to violins
Autobiography, Gucci Mane the author
And I'm the trap sponsor, Gucci Mane's the father
An eight figure nigga just walked into Wal-Mart
If you

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