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Out in the sticks  out in the stickiness 

They're chasing round in stolen ice cream vans 

They're sparking up with someone  oh
times can I re-use tape
Before stickiness begins to fade
And loses purpose
Oh how fucking worthless I am
Nothing more, I am nothing less
Don't you dare
tickling my palm, telling me yes please
The arch of your back the stickiness of your nectar
The shiver through our bodies when we arrive together
As I convey relay, mack rap quickness
In this business, I witness trickiness
Some MC's are into stickiness
But I'm sayin' this, from experience, I'm
All the doves that fly past my eyes, have a stickiness to their wings, in
The doorway of your demise I stand, encased in the whisper you taught me
stickiness, ickiness
Come get the last of my sticky nut

Murking that bitch with your name
Ay could you stay in your lane
Bitch I'm equipped with a blick,
suh yuh know mi nah drop e
Stickiness fill it up in yuh belly suh yuh lucky
When buddy start shake den yuh know you afi
Quint it right
Quint it right
There's no stickiness be found here

When it's raining, you are here
When it's shining, you are near
Even when I'm here, you're sad
That's too bad
staying dry

But I stepped in a puddle and after a while 
It got hard to ignore the stickiness of water and hatred
But we arrived regardless
We built
as a lever
To conceil your stickiness
That's confusing me so much

Tailoring for the rich and making them look fine
Gives your moneybag a shine

Everybody is
But I am watching mouth sounds
All that there is is stickiness 
So bright that it is deafening
I cannot hear above the sugar
I cannot hear
play it right, sugar, you can make it go down
Love 'em just a little when they come and they go
Like the sweet taste of honey, not the stickiness, no

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