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women, he's ready to stick

His big nose in their business
His big nose in their business
That's Nosey Joe, the nosiest guy I know

He ain't good
"I wanna score goals"
The coach said, "Buddy, remember your role
The fast guys get paid, they shoot, they score
Protect them, Buddy, that's what
a guy in a uniform and a passion that he has
For flashing wit his badge
And shining light in my face
Plus he keep his right hand right by his waist
the clothes you wear,
Don't have to die that hair,
No need to go for new,
You should just stick with you.
Always been the nice guy,
Living on the sidelines,
And almost always there's a lady oh and it's so hard when she starts coming on
But I back it on up turn it around and take it on home
out and alone
But I back it on up, turn it around, take it on home

I take it on home to a woman who sticks by me
'Cause I believe she'd do the same if
Deep down into their beer
And the Holy Ghost surrounds you with faith

And peace of mind
And love is all around you everywhere

Stick it
a really nice guy
Plus we need one stick of dynamite to break up your neighbors

Said she wants more than fireworks tonight
More like than a stick
around in his ju'causezi"
[all agree]
M3: "it also reminds me of the time I saw a 60 year old guy slide down one of those things and he was going so fast
As they danced sexily on the soft grass.
One of them even petted my fur.
Fuck me in the goat ass!
Then some long-haired guys grabbed me by the horns
yeah yeah

The winter days they last forever
And the weekends went by so quick
We ridin´ around this little country town
We were goin´ nuts, girl,
petted my fur 
Fuck me in the goat-ass! 

Then some long-haired guys grabbed me by the horns 
And threw me in the mosh pit 
They passed me around
tasting your magic stick, magic stick
If you don't cheat or sleep around ain't nothing wrong wit tasting your magic stick

I bet it taste like
He said "Let me guess, John, Paul, George and Ringo, am I right? 
Take a look around you, buddy, don't you know where you are? 
You can't throw
as you please
I got juice

There was a guy with a bass,had a handsome face
And designer clothes all around
He said I'm into threads,don't wear Pro Keds
You're just walking round your little mazes figuring out how to get by, 
How to get laid and get famous, get yourself paid, impress the guys. 
And he keeled over right on the floor 
Doc came on over, took his stethoscope 
He listened and he looked in his eyes 
He said, "Boys stick around
Well I got years of livin'
By and how I choose
Ain't never been a gambler
'Cause I's always bound to lose
My buddies, they drink liquor
with the girls we meet 
None of the guys go steady cause it wouldn't be right 
To leave their best girl home now on Saturday night 
I get around 
the spill-way
With a nail on a stick

Peanut knows a guy
His name is Mike, he's not too bright
He says he'll suck you for a cigarette
Down underneath
she obviously meant "imply"
And I know some guys would put up with that kind of thing
But frankly, I can't imagine why

And I told her, I said
Hey! Are
yeah yeah"

The winter days, they last forever
But the weekends went by so quick
Went ridin' around this little country town
We were goin' nuts,
Decorated all around the nipple
With that badonk, It come with those tig ol' big o's
You see your firm breasticles
I got a big ol' buddy inside
[Dialogue borrowed from a "Rocky" movie]
This guy is a bulldozer with a wrecking ball attached
He'll leave a ring around your eye and tread marks
that's ok, I'll come by and get you. Lets say around..."
[She hangs up phone]
Richie: "Come on.."
[Phone rings]
Richie: "Hey."
Samantha: "Sorry. I guess he

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