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wasting my time

I've done by you as best I could there's nothing else that I can do
Don't stay around because of me don't want you messin' up my mind
[intro: A friend's voicemail to Dave]
Dave, whattup man?
It's me
Umm.. just callin to see, if possible, if you have any
Time today or within
stay pregnant forever, and live off of my publishing cheques?
All this bad chat got me kind of vexed
why'all been talkin about me ever since I fucked
(Kim Carnes/Dave Ellingson)

I could retire on a Caterpillar tire
Somewhere on a river in the great US
The world slidin' by
Every day is July
of the nation once again

So don't wait for me my friend
I'm just wasting time again

So day by day, I will move on
Can't stop now, it's been too long
But until then, I gotta do what I do
And stay a crooked nigga too

I've got to do, what I'm gon' do
I'm gon' say what I'm gon' say
I'm gon' live
stay down just to live a better way 

How many blacks gotta die by the hands of another 
Don't you understand that man's the same color so that man is
sure to send a postcard if the seasons change 
'Cause my own decreation gets me by 

They've only met three times 
And each time it's a gas 
to cry
No matter what we face, we shall get by
When the problems you face are too much to bear
Know I'll be there

Hold that head up y'all, don't get
day?Just trying to get by 
I don't want their money cause I don't think it's funny?They're using all my energy and wasting my time?Nine to five is useless
ruined our lives and it's weird now forever
Seems you can't forget all the things that I said
Wasting all your time when your wishing you were dead
wasting time 

Lets stop right now, we gotta fight to save our children 
And our generation 
Breathe love on outside but cannot 
What we prefer, its
Mister Webb there is no way out
Love this room, please don't fight your walls
Can you see I'm wasting your time

A streetcar's rusting unseen
over me.
Now I see the greatness of your love.
Now I know Iæ?£l never be alone.
Iæ?¦ tired of wasting all this time.
Help me live my life.
I canæ?° do it
Say goodbye to keeping time
Wasting away down by the coast
Pacifico and chasing lime
Easy living down in paradise

Pour me another one
that mic down, admire the technique and tight tight sounds
Of a Renagade, never been afraid, the time is right now
Before I take my bow and finally
read, death is of the tongue
And if you talk about death enough death is gon' come

Dave taught me how to flow, they shot him in the head
Randy a**
Live it up darlin'
Give it up
My heart is starvin'
Live it up, give it up
Oh oh

And every second that passes me by
And we're wasting
me and uh

Shut me down if ya want, and miss the chance to do it live
When I stroll by, I see that look in yo' eye
You want a nigga, but think that
we're all just wasting our time
If it's true inside each cloud's a silver lining
Why does it shine on other lives but not on mine?
I've had a bellyful
Mister Webb there is no way out
Love this room, please don't fight your walls
Can you see I'm wasting your time

A streetcar's rusting unseen
back in return

Stay laughing, straight at you dog
Best believe, you wasting time
Don't deny what's happening, just clear the fog
And achieve you
Wasting my time
What you doin'
I told you I
Only got
Time for these
Benjis I count
I only come through for that guarantee
That right
postcard souvenir.

I’m dreaming we will spend our lives together
But now I’m left to love somebody new
You say that you can never stay for ever
all right
So Dave my grip is getting weak
Grab the 40 so I can hear you speak

I live large, caviar and limos
Spent most of my time refusing