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find another gate 
Guilt by associate, the rushes wilted a long time ago 
Guilty as you go 

Stay off that highway, word is it's not so safe
With venusia I awake to the scenes of cotton lake
It's peculiar where we stay taking flowers everyday
Amber has already taken half of the control
Some go and some stay behind
Some never move at all
Girl in amber trapped forever, spinning down the hall
Let no part of her go unremembered,
No one looks in this place for motive or any hope
But for the dead shot of an amber glass
The blue light of a votive

Rain obscured the window
I ain't got time for make believin'
My time is short, but I'm here to stay
No politics will cure the grievin'
So I choose my life, but I choose it
Ooh, look at all this company coming round tonight. 
Even Catherine O'Hara's come by to say hello. 
You really want to know? 
Well, I'll tell you,
[Chorus X2]
I Play Err thang Video Games To Pretty Ho's Mayne,
To Err thang From Fly Fish to Badminton
Do Err thang From Surfin' to Skiin'
up by the soft amber light of the dial on my radio

And somehow the DJ knew just what to play

And the singer knew just what to say

To make her melt
different people
But were not scared
We ain't never scared
To pave a new path
Make a new street
Build a new bridge

Say can you see by the dawns early light
Am I stuck inside my own mind or am I just an insect in amber 
Frozen in a moment and forgotten in time
Where is my mind
I don't want the world
and you got me tonight

Amber waves of grain
Fly by highway lanes
Waited for this change
Seems like my entire life
If only the good die young
We'll outlast
could let me stay around 

The chain link fence you climbed 
To make forbidden lakes our own 
Yours and mine 
And with the ease of sea gulls 
We cut
of your amber hair

You laughed and surrendered your gifts by degrees
But I was convinced that you spoke only to me
And my life turned on its hinge in that
people comin' by to celebrate the show,
Some of them are new in town and some of them you know"
I've got a local station on, Tejano music playing
I do
true the facts of life are bound to get you down
So whats the use dear jenny anyway the world is pretty...

Ashley talks to astronauts back home by
you lose your way 
So glad you let me stay around 
The chain link fence you climbed 
To make forbidden lakes our own 
Yours and mine 
And with ease
with me a little bit
You ain't gotta go nowhere though
You can sit down and stay
It's a true story
I ain't gon' forget my words
Start it off

the anger,
Releases get away, coming down,
Across the fields of amber,
To the water, ocean far below.

As the mirror to the sun,
The colour of the evening,
a visit to
They was put there by cops who can't pass a physical
Ain't no beg your pardon, barging in your living room
Run up on your fam while your baby