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Statutory warning
Statutory warning
Statutory warning
Warning warning warning
Statutory warning
Statutory warning
Statutory warning

'Cause I love her, want her, need her
I just got to have her
Love her, want her, need her
Gotta make her mine

She's my statutory date
I just can't
dare listen to those who read book ?
Statutory brainrape
(gonna lose your mind)
Setting you up to lose your mind
Statutory brainrape
Oh no!
the door,
Couldn't wait no more tap her on the shoulder.
She is pretty and she talks to me,
I wish she was older.

She'll be 16 in May, (Statutory
the people in here have all met me
'cause I came to let go, unwind & unready
Unset & ungo, the vibe is statutory
And the audio maxed, no danger no worry
Yes I
this December, I’ll be graduating
There’s no need to worry
I’m not talking statutory
You’re far too pretty to be so young
Forget our age and focus on us
Fuck the cops that hawk me, right 
Like G.G. Allin they ain't never gonna take me alive 

Statutory stories never make me back down 
I drive
I been killing off these hoes, this work is where I splurge

Style's like statutory
Y'all been some bitches, just getting horny
'Bout to get fucked,
off them
It's purgatory
Statutory how they work you doggy
In the office slaving while they praise their little bird of glory
That's why I'm Stogie
When a nigga blow up they gon' build statures for me
Old money Benjamin Button (what?) nothin'
Now it's super bad chicks giving me McLovin
Just so I can make it rain all spring
Y'all seen my story my glory
I had raped the game young
You can call it statutory
When a nigga blow up
it statutory,
When a n**** blow up they can build statures of me
Old money Benjamin Button, what, nothin',
Now superbad chicks giving me McLovin,
why this was. 
[PROF. HEGERMAN:] (stuttering) Well, i-it may not have been a - a statutory obligation, but, uh, I mean, uh, a guy who was a freeman
twenty grand a ki
Ah, that's that G shit, no doubt about that
Statutory lyrics is how I rape the rap
And get your niggas off my back
And no, GOD, ya
Statutory is a whole different category
We don't do babies, only grown ladies
So if you wanna get ya back knocked out
Let me hit ya in the butt and then
When a nigga blow up they gon' build statures for me
Old money Benjamin Button (what?) nothin'
Now it's super bad chicks giving me McLovin
And said, "hee, hee, hee I'm only 13" 

13!! I need a quick escape 

That's statutory rape 

But she was GOOD! 



(You should
cell phone
I'm paid, G
Can't call me
Just page me

Young ladies, young ladies
I like 'em underage see
Some say that's statutory
(Joe C.) But I say it's
she's looking to escape
Your uncle's in the County Jail for statutory rape

Just another runner never made it to the tape
Your cousin gets his kicks
among the buffalo and Sioux
You can touch me if you want, c'mon get in
Win, win, win in my silver cloud
You can touch me if you want, it's statutory
Caught a statutory rape cause the steak wasn't mature
I'm laid out by the lake, you lay with inflatable mates
I lace my shoes tight and ready for
While the bureaucrats get richer by the day
Smoking dope will get you more than murder one
And even worse than statutory rape
Don't understand your
or politics
The fine hoes swallow dicks for dollars quick
Young broads all up in gangs like the Young Lords
Jump forward, statutory rape, now you done for
Working girls don't stand a chance
Typing pools are full deadly fish
Office Romeos believe
Dictation is the statutory dish 

Do they want you

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