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provided by our statured gods
They gave us their definition
To religion to destruction to whom to believe
Can't they see their days are fading?
This is how
got a style all your own
Cinnamon complexion skin tone, I know you been grown
The mouth is statured with a work, for real it got me hurting
Of course
The mouth is statured with a work for real it got me hurtin'
Of course a nigga flirtin', come from behind that curtain
I got some more deliveries but yet I be
witta lie
Of wealthy folks statured as the G O A T
That follow where the clout go at all 
T I M E S 
Till they see we movin
Flip the script
Grab that
got a glimpse of the star out in heaven.
Now you know I’m like David big heart but small-statured.
Came out streets but he talking like a Pastor.
Dancing through the fire
Dancing through the flame
All you saw was blonde hair
And a small statured frame

Before I'd never question you
Means my spectrum of
Light divides and
Combines after
I realize me and your 
Are not statured
In the same bracket
And don't covet wives
skull Beetled brow immensely strong Bi-pedal locomotion Ape man short statured Slouching dim wit brute Homo erectus Modern sub-species Packing spears

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