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people lives
Wrapped up in those...

Statistics, statistics - figures in a page
Statistics, statistics - numbers on a tape
Zulu, Xhosa,
Sotho, Venda
Another statistic, nah
Uh I just wanna live in Gods cubicle, far away from Lucifer
Not a slave, gold chains compliment the mula' much
Rather see
I refuse to be another black statistic
A black man who can wine and dine in the sin of the world and still be considered a christian 
I plan
A statistic, a reminder 
Of a world that doesn't care

My arms enfold the dole queue 
Malnutrition dulls my hair 
My eyes are black and lifeless 
a statistic,
God is just a statistic
"show me the dead stars,
All of them sing."
This is a riot
Religious and clean

God is a number you cannot
A statistic, a reminder 
Of a world that doesn't care 
My arms enfold the dole queue 
Malnutrition dulls my hair 
My eyes are black and lifeless 
don't feel ashamed,
But it won't make a difference.

I've been wrong so many times.
Let's be realistic,
I'm only a statistic to you,
And it hurts so deep
Alright alright alright
Y'all settle down settle down settle down.

If you don't know where you are
This is statistics 101
And I'm your teacher
How could they do this to me?
This statistic won't lay down
Take a number or stand in line
This statistic wants to hear

That they're guilty about
and just, roll with it, don't risk it
Fuck around, and be a statistic (yo, yo)

Niggas ask why I use my glock
'Cause it's 2003, motherfucker, I refuse
[both]  Who rips shit, without bein materialistic
[Monch] Statistics show
[Poet]  Ask miss she know
[Apani] Just cause the niggaz got dough don't
A symptom, born loser, statistic

Sister, mother, brother, father
Have you, have you looked outside?
I'm scared for my life
They don't trust us
I'm not
a statistic

Keep spewing your stewing, Hoss
I get it, your life's boss, though it you haven't got-you're a bot
Forget your mistress, you're a statistic with
to preserving peace for each and everyone
The chances of you even being born 
Were forty million to one
There's two parts of the statistic
And I want you
We were born in chaos with carnival faces
Hows that for odd
Sent here to eliminate false profits and DemiGods of statistics
Mediums, moguls
this human race
They beat you down, say Ã'Learn your placeö
As part of a statistic called the human race
Fat rats breed us toward our own annihilation
false profits and demigods of statistics
Mediums, moguls and spreaders of the falseness
With they heads lopped off and bodies tied to crosses
you need? (I need a real man)

Let's get down to the statistics
I'm fantastic, ask any mystik
Mr Joe grind to who we only passed through
A strong
to be masochistic
I want to be a statistic
I want to be a clone
I want a suburban home
Suburban home
Suburban home
Suburban home

I don't want no
I find numbers to be fascinating and more specifically than numbers I find statistics so...enlightening. You know, thought-provoking even. So I've
rebel, resist
Rise, rebel, make a fist, resist

So sadistic
All they see is another statistic

Maybe I'm a misfit, maybe I'm different
tell you everything is alright 

Drone the kids while no one is watching 
Drone the kids they're just statistics of war 
Drone the kids really no one
a gun by his side

He was sometimes a Jekyll and often a Hyde
Just a no-one society had cast aside
Another statistic
Just another statistic
For sleep deprivation 
To pave its way
I am not a statistic
I'm not a number in your ledger 
I need a prescription
To handle all the bullshit

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