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it to the end is the aim of the show
Got a limo instead of a bus
Stopping off to get prescription drugs
Statins, Beta blockers, Viagra

2 Brufen
She was a hotel story just waiting to happen
Making moves to be misused but shit she statin' she happy
I could tell her some shit was wrong but she
documentary, I don't want a Percocet, I'm finished
These hoes fuck for a name, I'll never Birkin bag these bitches
I be tryna stop takin' drugs, feel like I
I'm just statin the facts

[Chorus x 2]
I hang with Puerto Ricans and
Haitian killers and
Cuban dope dealers
And these here my
of the South
When, they ain't runnin a damn thing but they mouth
No doubt, it's all good, y'all just statin y'all opinion
But in the South and in the hood it's
seconds with her, I can get this bitch naked
One bullet out that K will leave the toughest nigga headless
Dawg, don't need one drug to act reckless
ain't hatin I'm simply statin that we comin from two different platforms
You focused on superficial shit, while I'm focused on bein a dad more...
And I'm
to the milky way
You can say no homo but you'd still be gay
(You are gay!)
Ain't nothin' wrong with that, I'm just statin' facts
I'm not from this planet, I'm
and frontin'
I'm so free like

Verse 2
You had enough yet, I had a thug rep
Way before New York, the drugs, and the Blood sets
And I get love fuck this
interpretation of what the game facin'
I'm basin' my facts on ancient civilization
And my proclamation plus the world and its foundation
My education is statin
with the grip on it
Been for the Glock, I don't want it 'less the stick on it
Trip, I can't trust niggas, they be snitchin'
We statin' all facts, you
you done find a way
In and out the games all the rules changed
It ain't no drugs to help ease none of the pain
My heart so numb all my feelings the same
swing the bat
Gave you the shirt up off my back
I'm just statin them facts

Big 20 ape shit
We go back like the matrix
But all you do is fake kick
And now
the cake's all ate
Jus' blame yourself 'cause your tactics' lame
Tactics' lame drugs all 'xan by xan' y'all say so (ha)
Jus go smoke y'all fake rolls
every day you you still looking fat
How you got a lot to say but you ain't statin facts
You said my baby daddy made me
I can say he did that
So what now
interpretation of what the game facin'
I'm basin' my facts on ancient civilization
And my proclamation plus the world and its foundation
My education is statin
You ain't gotta statin your ears to hear my name in these streets I still run thangs
You ain't gotta ask bout me you know I done thangs
Put Sneakers
first thing on my list yeah
Niggas think they cool but they really not
They just talking tough but they really soft
Somewhere off the drugs I
Scared myself I was like woah
Determined to change nobody knows
Feeling derranged like I'm a pro
Too much drugs smokin pounds
Ounce by ounce I'm feelin
And fuck this nation, that's whut I'm statin'
This nigga ain't hatin', I speak my mind
I'm the next Sniper, and the next Columbine
The next World Trade,
heard it all before
Heart broken young girl that can't Trust again
(Hol up)
It's niggas ain't this
Niggas ain't that
She got a drug dealer ex worked
with no refined
With "Boom-na-na"..
Yeah, that's how we did it
Rolled the loop, and kick in the snare, and then he lit it
Now you're brain's on drugs
on drugs
Introducing J Rawls
He makes the beats for ya'll
And now he got the gall
Like, who he think he is?
Like maybe Mos, Sans, and KWA
Ain't wrote
You like to take drugs and hear music, my album is engineered
Like biotechnology, attach me to ya ear
I make the devil do the work of God and God

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