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the blinds open
I see the sunlight on your face
Knew in one moment
That I had to find a way
Am I starlike now
Woah, woah
Burning out somehow
I didn't wanna
star-like (I'm star-like)
Get real close when I listen to Pharcyde
Break down a break beat
What is a safe street?
Keep a .38 so what is a safety? (huh)
Golden hair and rosy cheeks
Something about you makes my knees feel weak
Star-like eyes and lips of ruby
How can you manage to still look so bleak
Zephyr through the awning shadow
Star-like glimpse upon the weeping leaves
Rest yourself my weeping widow
With the your news of grave defeat
Something quite star-like in its appearance
Into my eyes, into my ears
Familiar but almost no interference

I wish upon a satellite
The stars don't seem
all those born beneath an angry star,lest we forget how fragile we are.

On and on the rain will fall like tears from a star,like tears from a star.

Winters thrice, the earth is shrouded in a shell of ice
Brothers fight, poison seas in the frozen night
Earth is torched, by the star-like fire
My spatula tongue turns words into omelettes
The phrases I can’t stomach, my mouth vomits
The comets comment on my star-like quality
But I’m in
You in my way nikka bitch, please
In the game, if you snooze you loose
I was born king um a star-like stelo
Got a better view
At night I gaze upon the
Star-like tiles on my ceiling
And I wonder if I'm truly
Destined to be all alone
For a reason I don't know I
Just cannot
a lovely stare
and i knew it didn't matter
walking next to you
as i want to be with you

a star-like kiss
and a look that will mean nothing
look into
You hit the floor of the American nation from outer space
I wanna teach you of a lust direction, you’ve got a starlike face
This time you fell from
reading up on your star-like dreaming 
I ain't misbehaving 
It don't do me any good 
Are you greiving?
The moonlight's peaking
Seeking any hidden thoughts
the other way
She who never touches ground.
Spreading an eclipse.
Where never the sun shines
At her feet.

Starlike, but never to be counted.
Practice makes perfect,but nobody is
Rolling with the oddly kids
I was born a star,like Ozzy's kids
They in my biz,I probably did
I am an economist
where I will be

Shadows... Of starlike blackened fire
taking... This soul to its loathsome trial

through astral layers the voyage goes on
shine in Purple
(Yet) the Brightness of another dying Sun
then Doomsday will be done

"Blood is Life!"

This Wine, as sweet as Thy starlike Beauty,

B] QUASAR 3C273 

Heading off into the core of a newborn galaxy
We have reached a brilliant star-like source of energy
This cosmic spectacle
knapp überm Arsch, ihre Haut wie geleckt
Ihre Outfits sind star-like, Lächeln wie Starlights
Es ist die Wahrheit
Baby, wenn ich mit dir fliege, Bora
信じる強さが いつか
唯一無二な 愛に変わる
Love shines starlike in a
dark mind.
star-like burns are touching me
In my coma you were a sound

Can you tell me how my feet touch the ground?
Cause there's nothing like you around

Well, the cherry bends with blossom
And the vivid grass is springing
And the star-like lily nestles in the green
And the frogs their joys are
of thee and take what's in your chaotic heart!
Take this starlike beauty in this world of decay,
Show me disorder 'til sunlight breakes my eyes with silent
in time and space

Lift your head up to the sky, hear the cry


Heading off into the core of a newborn galaxy
We have reached a brilliant star-like

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