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'Cause many better men have gone
For clearly better reasons
And I starkly must remind you
That you have not even been trying

And that's the only
they set up their camp quickly
Warmed up with whisky they walked to the river where the water flowed past starkly
In the moonlight they saw the body
you barren
Embarrass your squad
For any obnoxious staring
Tearing down the walls of the hierarchy
Cause I am starkly
Disagree with any new rapper
by your birthday I starkly remember
You thought I went to the bathroom to masturbate
But I really just cried to Cellophane
Oh you're so lame
When you
gave up complaining

Because it was U

Winter prolonged, we found a container
Tugged at the door, and met our new neighbour
A rugged Lorraine, a starkly
When I broke through the door
What did you have to say
For the leeches in your lungs
Licking blood so far away
When your senses starkly seized
I can no longer take this life
For granted
What was once so magical
No longer feels enchanted
The landscape of so many hearts
So starkly arctic
K'naa was a sacred place
Since from its midst the bleak basalt cliffs of mount Yaddith-Gho
Soared starkly into the sky
Topped by a gigantic fortress
fails to meet with that feeling of choking on my blood
I hope one day you can stop me
Through the pieces of flesh that seem to gather starkly
to the mile
Vain conceits in the mind of Bishop Berkeley
Mind and matter stand in contrast starkly
Enter Ariel, like a harpy
Mounting the welkin's cheek
Ride across
of intrusive thoughts and a pile of shit
And want it all dismissed and thus its my image that's targeted
It's remarkable how starkly the river flows
Living in
was so afraid that any move would starkly rub her wrongly
All I could do was want her from my base, which felt far away
Look, She was brighter than
it over, syndication
Stated starkly, uh - the patriarchy great malarkey
Spin it, do it, smartly so that partly they still hating darkies
Left the court
Sweet, think of time
as a lone bent sheet boat
sailing through the eyes of soul
The end of a mind
disclosure of bones
starkly floating in old love
is it better to light a candle 
or curse the dark? 
is the moon still a living thing 
if my eyes go starkly blind? 
will the tides undivided 
and get
Withering motions

Starkly impending days
A retrospect of golden sounds
The scent of falling rain
Recurring memories abound
The time that is to come seems

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